Splendid Chocolates Thanksgiving Place Settings

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Splendid Chocolates Thanksgiving Place Settings

I saw these Thanksgiving turkey place settings at World Market last year, but didn’t get any. I regretted it afterwards, so I had to pick them up when I saw them again this year. Since they seem to be a standard seasonal product, I’d love it if they could become a standard to my Thanksgiving, as well. You see, I love turkeys. It’s just one of those things. I’m excited to bring turkey decorations out in November, sad to put them away.

Splendid Chocolates Thanksgiving Place Settings

But I’m not convinced I’ll make it a point to get these again next year. The four fat turkeys in the box are pretty and shiny in dark brown. Their smoothness is a little interrupted in some places, but mostly they’re intact. Looks are their best feature, though. Splendid Chocolates, based out of Canada, specializes in seasonal/novelty chocolates, and unfortunately, most such companies don’t actually taste too special. Splendid is no exception.

The dark chocolate used here is only average. Smooth, but thick, black, very sweet. Twenty grams out of forty for one turkey are sugar. It’s disappointing that items like this can’t taste as special as they act. The chocolate is sweet enough that I can’t imagine wanting to eat it all at once, especially at the end of a long Thanksgiving dinner. But pie is for Thanksgiving dessert, anyway; these might make nice take-home chocolates. And they would be a subtle, yet eye-catching touch to the table.

I wouldn’t recommend going too far out of your way to find them, but if you’re looking for place settings (at this late hour) or have grandchildren/nieces/nephews you want to give presents to, they work.


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