Signature Harvest Truffle Collection

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Signature Harvest Truffle Collection

While I was at World Market this week, I spotted a pile of these boxes in the fall display. Plain, red-ribboned boxes by “Signature Chocolates by Rena – A Division of Chocolates a la Carte.” Sounded kind of iffy, but the flavors sounded worth trying, so I added one to my armload of plunder. Opening the box at home, it was rather inviting. There is a paper above the tray of truffles that when folded up, shows the names and descriptions of the four varieties. It’s easier than having an individual booklet.

The two with orange stripes are Gingerbread Truffles, or a “luscious combination of gingerbread and milk chocolate.” There seems to be a dark chocolate layer, as well, resulting in a thick shell. It certainly smells good, with all the spices of the holidays, if more Christmas than harvest. The moist and silky inside reminded me that I haven’t had a truffle in ages. This was a nice choice to break my fast. The fresh spice of the gingerbread flavor mingles wonderfully with the milk chocolate.

Signature Harvest Truffle Collection

Dusted in the classic cocoa powder are two Tiramisu Truffles. I’m finding the cocoa pathetic; it’s too made up instead of naturally messy. They taste nice, though. The shell is thinner this time, so there’s more of that silky filling. Mild and sweet coffee and chocolate remind me of the Laposse hard candies from Mexico. Maybe that’s no coincidence since Tiramisu is Italian and the Laposse founder, I now find, was born in Italy?

The pair with green stripes are Spiced Granny Apple Truffles. Apple and chocolate is a new combination for me. It’s labeled “traditional apple flavored ganache with a spicy twist.” The whitish, yellow filling doesn’t look too promising, but it smells real — you can just see a fresh apple pie. And it tastes… like a… candle. That must be the “spicy twist:” holiday spices added in like they are to candles. Not as “real” anymore, but once I got used to the idea, it tastes interesting. It is the sweetest of the bunch, though, keep in mind.

Signature Harvest Truffle Collection

There are not two, but three Salted Caramel Truffles, described as “creamy caramel layered over a salted ganache enrobed in dark chocolate.” Forgive me as I try to figure out which layer is which. What I see is a filling inside two dark shells. Continuing on to taste, we have chocolate and salt and caramel all brought together in the filling in a well-placed balance. The dark chocolate is sweet, which most people will like, but I do wish the shell were thinner. I’d rather taste more of that smooth and slightly tangy ganache. Then it might be worth it to have three of these instead of three Gingerbreads or Tiramisus.

I’m tempted to call $10 for nine truffles (127 grams) a tad pricey, but I’ve reconsidered. Individual chocolates always cost more and so do holiday/seasonal offerings. Amongst less worthy choices available, you’ll be safe with this one. Though perhaps not at the very highest quality, this selection will make quite the welcome addition to a cozy fall gathering.


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