RT Delight Authentic Turkish Delight

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RT Delight Authentic Turkish Delight

We seem to have had some pretty ordinary Turkish Delights found and tested, here in the Chocablog Test Kitchen. Or should that be Test Lounge? Either way, Turkish Delight (hereafter called TD) seems to lead to strong opinions – some love it, some hate it. And there seem to be plenty of examples that are worth missing.

Fry’s Turkish Delight has been kicking around for many years, and it might be fairly pedestrian but I quite like it. In a box of mixed filled chocolates, I’ll usually seek them out as second preference after the Cherry Ripes.

So when I found “Authentic Turkish Delight”, made by the “Real Turkish Delight Manufacturer”, it was with apprehension and mixed feelings. But I had to have it. Chocablog: We test it so you won’t have to.

Where to start with this one? Firstly, the plastic pack is reminiscent of so many other cheap nasty things that come in similar plastic packs. The picture on the front conveys another product with nuclear-reactor inspired red colour. First impressions can be misleading though, as we are about to find.

Opening that plastic pack leads to the first big surprise:

RT Delight Authentic Turkish Delight

Yes, inside is a small cardboard box, nicely printed. These people take things seriously after all. And inside the box, we have two squares of chocolate coated yumminess. Each is about 4 cm square:

RT Delight Authentic Turkish Delight

The size does not seem much, but it turns out to be just about right. The picture on the outside of the pack still had me worried though. Is the inside really glow-in-the-dark red? A dissection is in order:

RT Delight Authentic Turkish Delight

Nope. The picture on the pack has a colour shift. If there is any colour there at all, it’s a very pale pink tinge.

Sadly, both of the children don’t like TD. Which means I get to share it with The Lady Of The House. And she’s not super keen on TD either – so YIPPEE!!! I get the big piece!

This is pretty damn good. The rosewater is strong, and the texture of the filling is very sticky. Almost glue-your-teeth-together. Sounds a bit off-putting, but I like it! Much stickier than Fry’s. This is very, very sweet – something I’m not normally keen on – but here it works. I have a benchmark for comparison: Haigh’s not only make chocolate (from beans… the Full Monty method), they also make a TD without any chocolate at all. Just a classic TD dusted with icing sugar. [Health warning for the Haigh’s, though: Inhaling during eating can be lethal.] I think this TD compares very well indeed, and it’s way better than Fry’s. The chocolate does not actually add a heck of a lot – the flavour and sweetness of the TD filling dominate. But so what! For the Turkish Delight devotees out there, give this a try.


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  1. OMG you and I are like, spiritual twins – I also seek out the Cherry Ripes and then the Turkish Delight in a box of mixed chocolates. Freaky no?

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