Republic of Tea Spicy Chocolate Mint

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Republic of Tea Spicy Chocolate Mint

When I bought this, I actually thought it was hot chocolate. It wasn’t until I got home that I saw the teapot on the front. And I thought I had examined it fairly carefully. At least I was right about the chocolate part.

So this tea turns out to be a World Market exclusive, as well as a limited edition. The box explains that its made based on the Mayan approach to their drinking chocolate, with mint added to the mix. Hence, the “spice.” The ingedients list black tea, peppermint, cinnamon, cardamom, chicory, cacao kernels, ginger, and coconut. Coconut? I guess it must have a purpose, random as it seems to me.

Republic of Tea Spicy Chocolate Mint

The fifty natural, unbleached tea bags give off a wonderful minty smell set in a black darkness. When my companions unanimously decided that this seemed like a tea to add sugar to, I added some to half my tea, purely for reviewing’s sake. Because, truthfully, I usually think sugar tastes bad in tea. I always drink it plain, so that’s just an odd flavor to me. Sure enough, the sugar in Cup A was a little too off base around the mint and the deepness of the various spices. Cup B, naturally, suited me much better, allowing simply the flavors of the tea itself to come out. The cinnamon and peppermint hit you first. The chocolate seems to be in there mostly as an aftertaste. But I really don’t think I would recognize it at all if it wasn’t in the name. Then, I was also expecting from that something more “spicy,” what with the story about the Mayans and all. There are nice, warm spices, but nothing spicy.

That said, it’s a perfect cozy, curl-up-in-a-blanket kind of tea, even if a little misleading. Just not something to get if it’s a “chocolate tea” you’re wanting to try.


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  1. Christine

    This sounds lovely – I could almost smell it as I was reading your review!
    I remember years ago being able to buy a chocolte orange flavoured tea which was fantastic but can’t remember the brand. It wasn’t the Lipton one (also no longer available). It was a brand I used to buy in in the health food section of the supermarket (in Australia). Any readers remember it?

  2. Not sure what to think. Mayan mint. hmmm… The Mayans didnt use mint in their chocolate to my recollection. Earl gray with hot chocolate is good though.

  3. river

    The label reads peace-on-earth-TEA and you thought it was hot chocolate? That’s funny. To me,anyway.

  4. I agree! I really love this tea, but it is a little misleading. Have you tried Mighty Leaf’s Chocolate Mint Truffle tea? That one is really good!

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