Pralus Mélissa Criollo 45%

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Here is my second Kakawa purchase, also from a French company. It has a nice, simple design, but one slight detail was a little worrisome. It’s tilted upward to the right as if it wasn’t packaged with much care. Not very good show.

However, the bar itself has an elegant design of similar style: twenty-four plain, small squares and a larger piece with the Pralus signature thickly and smoothly engraved in it.

The slight bloom is purely my fault: it gets hard to protect chocolate in a seven hour drive through hundred degree weather. But it survived fairly well.

When you break off a piece, it has a soft, slight crumble, which you also get when you chew it. But I prefer to let it slowly disssolve, releasing the full range of flavors. It starts off creamy, with a vanilla taste coming quickly in. Then it becomes more grainy, with a caramel taste. In fact, even the texture reminds me of caramel. Very interesting.

I fell in love with the Michel Cluizel bar, but I enjoyed this one just as much. It’s much sweeter, but it just goes to show how nice a milk chocolate can be when properly done. At twelve dollars for 100 grams, it’s also the most expensive bar I’ve had so far, however, it seems to go for a little less online. For whichever price, it’s highly enjoyable. But just wait until I review Pralus’s 100% bar next.


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