Michel Cluizel Plantation “Los Ancones”

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This is the first of the three bars from Kakawa Chocolate House. I think it was the coloring that drew my eye. A normal, sophisticated black, but with a lime green border and light orange wording. This is a single origina bar from a family-owned, hundred year old plantation in Santo Domingo.

It’s divided into eighteen squares, each with the chocolatier name and Cluizel’s signature. Initially, it’s an earthy chocolate, then it moves on to a slight fruitiness and finishes on a sweet note.

The texture is as equally interesting as the taste. At first, I thought it was a little hard, but then it’s amazing how gently it melts away. Not extravagantly, but in a more subtle way. It’s very smooth, yet clean. Absolutely beautiful.

Worth it? Most definately. Since I bought this bar, I’ve also seen things by Michel Cluizel that I must investigate here in Arizona. Their online store is temporarily unavailable, but their website still has some interesting reading and tempting pictures. Such beautiful truffles!

I think this is a new favorite here.


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