Poco Dolce Sea Salt Toffee Squares

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I was casually leafing through a magazine at my dentist’s, waiting to be told that I don’t floss enough, and I was stopped in my tracks by a photo. Poco Dolce made me want them with that photo. It was a tin overflowing with tiny, bite-sized squares of toffee covered with dark chocolate, and I needed to have them. And now I do, or at least a little foil bag of them which is sadly looking a little too close to being empty. Sigh.

Poco Dolce hail from San Francisco where they’ve been making all kinds of confections that walk the delicate line between sweet and savoury. They are fond of grey sea salt from France and these toffee squares have just enough of it to cut through the wealth of butter they are obviously made with. Not that I’m complaining.

Each square is covered with just the right amount of chocolate – not the thickest layer by any means, but enough to give some initial bitterness before the inevitable crunching takes over. And to be perfectly honest, the chocolate is definitely not the main attraction here because the rich, crunchy toffee is the real star of the show. Imagine a much tastier version of a Daim or Skor bar (depending on which side of the Atlantic you live on), and you are only beginning to approach their majesty. I could seriously eat a great big bowl of these and be exceptionally happy doing so.

What makes these so great is the balance between the sweet, salt and bitter, and that makes them my favourite new chocolate treat in quite a while. Or at least until I try some of the other varieties in the range – Burnt Caramel, Popcorn, Double Shot Espresso and Super Chile. Yum. I’m seriously considering moving to San Francisco…


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  1. Lise

    I’ve been thinking about these ever since i saw them in Real Simple magazine in December. I checked online and they don’t ship to Canada (except for famous chocolate reviewers such as you, apparently). I want to try everything they have!

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