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When I looked at the first couple of items from Philadelphia Candies, I established this as a confectionary company. With that thought in mind, I approach now a one pound box of Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles. Given the context I have placed, I will more or less ignore the word “truffles,” treating it more as a placeholder than a strict description. In any case, I don’t think one would approach this orange-bordered box with its rather simple photography expecting a sumptuous and exclusively gourmet truffle.

Inside the box nestle thirty chocolates, which is a sizable amount. Although they appear small next to each other, this isn’t the case–they’re normal size. The chocolate is quite light in color, no doubt of a low cocoa content. There also isn’t a very large quantity of it in comparison to the peanut butter filling, which is plentiful.

Philadelphia Candies has an approach to the peanut butter that is more like that of Rocky Mountain than of Reese’s. There is not the high saltiness; rather, there is a creamy and buttery center. Of course, it is thicker than what Rocky Mountain uses–while very soft, it isn’t near-fluid like theirs is. What all this means is that these chocolates have an almost-fluffy texture that makes them pleasant to munch away on; the mildness of the flavors, embedded with a taste of peanuts, makes any sweetness, for me at least, not take over too strongly.

Now I come to what I find rather important: the price. With the box being $14.75, three chocolates come out to about $1.50, which isn’t so much more than you would pay for candy bars off the shelf. When so often, simply packaging things in a box will hike up the price, I’m glad to see that Philadelphia Candies haven’t done this. As it is, a box of these is a nice enough sweet to enjoy over a few days or to share.


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