Reese’s Dark Peanut Butter Cups

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Reese's Dark Peanut Butter Cups

There seems to be a growing trend of darkness in the chocolate world, but darker isn’t always better. Put to the test this time is the dark version of a classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I didn’t realize how much I was looking forward to trying it until I stood in front of the shelves by the register and couldn’t find it. There was the milk chocolate one; the dark wasn’t right next to it as I’d expected. Turns out it was a few shelves higher. Random placement, maybe, but I’m guessing the classics are on the bottom where kids can reach them and the darks are trying to catch the eyes of adults.

Reese's Dark Peanut Butter Cups

We have that same crumbly filling of salty and sweet smell and flavor, wrapped up in an average dark chocolate instead of an average milk chocolate. The difference leans towards the subtle. There is something lost, though; there’s a little less of the sinfully enticing without the added greasiness of a milk chocolate versus a dark. Now the chocolate is just there. I don’t feel like it has as good of a relationship with the peanut butter. That is, they’re certainly not enemies, but they don’t come together with the same attitude. I’m used to Reese’s cups being a junk food indulgence, but the dark chocolate tries to bring it a step up without making a very big change. The result is, for the most part, an unnecessary extra product.

The change is still subtle because the peanut butter stays the main focus. The minor focus’s change doesn’t get so much notice. The Reese’s Dark is kind of interesting to try out, but I’ll be sticking to the original in the future.


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  1. Mew

    OMG! That’s so yummy! That’s one of my favorites!

    I hope to see more chocolates in here.

    By the way… chocolate lovers, please view this also.

    you’ll see more chocolates and recipes in here.


  2. Cheryl

    Where did you find them?? I’m in Phoenix and we can’t seem to find them anywhere!

  3. SunniD

    I love the Dark Chocolate Reece Cups. Has a much richer flavor. One problem, they are very hard to find. Most stores do no carry them, they do a good job of saturating TV time with the ads, now please stock the shelves of as many stores as possible.

  4. Karen

    I haven’t been able to find them either. I was hoping that it would lessen the sweetness of the Reese’s. They tend to put me into a sugar coma with that milk chocolate and the peanut butter inside. I am in LOVE with Snicker’s Dark, but they too are impossible to find here. My grandmother-in-law sends scours Reno, NV every holiday to send me one!

  5. yoshi

    I bought a pack today and after the first cup I now find myself hesitant to eat the other one. I think its a strange(not a good type of strange) combination of dark chocolate and peanut butter. I too will be sticking to the original and I am a huge fan of dark chocolate, but this here is a no no.

  6. Karen R.

    That’s funny, I think they are perfect! The originals are way too sweet for me.
    I found them at Walgreens I think. Or CVS Pharmacy.

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