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Isn’t it supposed to be as you get older that your taste preferences move away from the sweeter products and you are more likely to appreciate the nuances of dark chocolate? Yet I seem to be moving in the opposite way, as I find myself reaching more readily for a short-lived sweet than a long-lived adventure of a chocolate. I think this has something to do with circumstances, as well as age, as the sweet things require no effort on my part to appreciate them whilst my mind is busy with other things.

So it is in this mood that I came to the next item from Philadelphia Candies, some Milk Chocolate French Mints that I kept at my desk for a bit. Don’t forget to note that that’s milk chocolate with mint, rather than the usual dark. The result is something a little more, shall we shall, informal. Also I found it rather nostalgic, as if of Christmas in past times. I don’t know if I’m reminded of a specific candy; if so, I can’t think of what it is. More than that, I find myself thinking of a combination of a peppermint patty, a candy cane, and a bar of plain milk chocolate.

The format is exactly the same as in the peanut butter truffles. The chocolates are relatively thick, and they are filled with creamy, chocolaty, minty texture and flavor. They aren’t fancy after-dinner mints, but they will suit for those moments when, like me lately, all your appetite wants is something sweet with which to while away the time.


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