Pacari Dark Chocolate Covered Golden Berries

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Pacari Dark Chocolate Covered Golden Berries

I think I may have mentioned before how much I like Pacari, the Ecuadorian “raw” bean-to-bar chocolate maker. Their unroasted cocoa has a unique, fresh, green and earthy flavour that regularly wins awards. It’s packed with healthy anti-oxidants and no other chocolate tastes quite like it.

This box of chocolate covered golden berries came from Selfridges “Chocolate Library“, where it is somewhat annoyingly marked as an “exclusive”. Annoying because they are simply delicious and it seems a shame to limit them to a single supplier – particularly one that is often a little on the expensive side.

The box set me back a hefty £5.49. That’s expensive, but you can put it into perspective when you realise that it’s the same weight (70g) and price as a standard Pacari bar from Selfridges. It’s still £2 more than other retailers like Chocolatiers charge for other products in the range though.

Of course, Selfridges have the overheads of running a very large physical department store to take into account, and I am regularly arguing that we should all be paying more for our chocolate. In this case, the discrepancy is a little uncomfortable for me though.

Pacari Dark Chocolate Covered Golden Berries

But back to the chocolate itself. These small, dried berries really pack a fruity punch that I think will appeal to anyone who loves fruity chocolate. The intensely citrus flavour is rounded off perfectly by the smooth 70% dark chocolate. But they’re just a bit too sharp to prevent you from eating the whole lot in one go.

I found that although the box looked small, 70g was enough to last me at least a couple of days – the same amount of time a good quality dark chocolate bar would last. They’re perfect for carrying around in your bag for a quick pick-me-up, and unlike most chocolate bars, the box is easy to close and keep the contents firmly inside, rather than rattling around your bag.

Thoroughly recommended – but I would love to see them more widely available!


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