Pacari Fig

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Pacari Fig

In the past six months, this little sideline of writing about chocolate has unexpectedly become a full time job. Cocoa Runners now takes up most of my time, and it’s something I’m passionate about, but it does present me with a dilemma; how to write in an unbiased way about chocolate that Cocoa Runners sell.

After much thought, I decided the best solution is simply not to write about any bars that Cocoa Runners stock, but to continue to feature other chocolate from some of the wonderful craft chocolate makers we feature. There’s just too much fantastic chocolate out there that I have to share.

So without further ado, let me introduce one such chocolate: Pacari Fig.

Pacari Fig

Now admittedly, it may not look much. It’s not exactly a the smoothest, glossiest looking bar of chocolate in the world. But what it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in flavour.

Those holes in the surface are down to this bar being jam packed full of small pieces of fig. Delicious, soft, fruity pieces of fig that perfectly complement the chocolate.

Pacari are known for their “raw” chocolate, which is kept below 42°C during the chocolate making process. The process gives Pacari a distinctive, grassy flavour, and although this bar isn’t marked as raw, it still has many of the same flavour characteristics. They’re flavours that work wonderfully with the gentle fruitiness of the fig. It’s a fresh, delicious chocolate, and it’s very easy to eat the whole bar in one go.

If there’s one tiny downside, it’s that you will find the occasional hard seed in the chocolate, but it’s a small price to pay for something to tasty.

Pacari Fig

I’m a big fan of Pacri. Their chocolate is produced from tree to bar in Ecuador, meaning the profits stay within the country rather than going to middle men. We get better chocolate, and the cocoa farmers get a better deal.

This particular bar is still quite difficult to get hold of in the UK, but I’m hoping that we’ll see a much wider range on sale here very soon. If you do happen to see it on sale, I highly recommend picking up a few bars!


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  1. gwynne

    congratulations on your new gig. I can’t think of a more joyful job – working for a chocolate company 🙂 I’m going to try this fig chocolate.

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