Nuts Over Toffee Milk Chocolate

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Nuts Over Toffee Milk Chocolate

My, my, does my chocolate cup overflow. Chocolate is one thing I must find time for, so let me dig into the pile — other tasks can wait. From Nuts Over Toffee, based out of Florida I believe, comes this my 1/8 pound sample of milk chocolate toffee. Sara Scarborough started out making toffee for friends, who encouraged her to start selling it. And thus was born Nuts Over Toffee. Besides milk chocolate, they also have white and dark, along with a new dark chocolate cranberry flavor.

The packaging is standard handmade fare by description: clear bag, sticker labels on front and back, and ties to hold the bag shut. But it isn’t standard. There is a plethora of ties in blue and white gauze and raffia instead of just one ribbon. As I untied all of them (which, contrary to what you’d imagine, isn’t difficult), I couldn’t figure out what combination of slips and folds and knots was used. Maybe it’s a trade secret. In any case, it shows care and devotion.

Nuts Over Toffee Milk Chocolate

Though this is a small bag, kudos to Nuts Over Toffee for stuffing it well with toffee pieces. The toffee is light-colored with a thin layer of milk chocolate dusted in pecan shavings on top. There are also some pecan bits in and around the toffee itself. Smells tempting, not unlike the Ghirardelli Pecan Pie Squares. The taste isn’t too similar, though — it’s much less dense, less sweet. More like Derry Church’s London, very light. Almost a delicate toffee. The crunch is so light that the texture is almost soft, too. The chocolate, a little nutty on its own, is subtle, simply adding to the creaminess. Though toffee isn’t what I think of as natural, this one tastes natural. Maybe the pecans help that?

I think you could eat this toffee all day long (with proper gaps to savor between pieces, of course), it’s that gentle in making a generous impact. I’m just left curious by the ingredients: butter, chocolate, sugar, pecans, corn syrup, vanilla, and special ingredients. Special ingredients? Is that another trade secret? Does it matter when the final product tastes good?


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