Newman’s Peppermint Treat

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Newman's Peppermint Treat

I have never liked mixing the flavours of peppermint (or mint) with milk chocolate and particularly loathe Cadbury’s Peppermint block. You know the one; Dairy milk with snot-green fluid inside. However after absolutely loving Newman’s Ginger Treat, when these Peppermint Treats turned up at the corner shop, my taste buds made me buy a couple along with the newspaper.

Like their Ginger Treat, this bar has the same brown truffle centre and the main ingredient is sugar for both the peppermint filling and the chocolate coating. With the ingredients panel informing me that one bar has nearly eighteen grams of fat, of which nearly 11 grams is saturated, wasn’t making for very appetising reading. Despite this, would Newman’s, already riding high in my esteem for their loving treatment of ginger, be able to convert this wary reviewer over to milk chocolate and peppermint?

Nope. Despite not having a green or white centre, it still combines two the flavours that just do not work well together. Milk chocolate – in this case consisting of a minimum 29% cocoa solids – is too creamy and lactose-laden to do anything other than scream in sugar at the already dominating peppermint leaving me clutching my head in agony and wondering just why my taste buds decided to violently exit via the back of my brain and my eyes could no longer focus on the newsprint.

This would go down so much better if the chocolate was dark – 45% and beyond would be just fine. Please, Newman’s?


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  1. simone

    The Newmans Peppermint Treat is an experience that is simply devine !

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