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Those of you in Australia may have seen our very own Kath Lockett on Channel Nine’s “A Current Affair” last night. But in case you missed it (or don’t happen to live in Australia) here it is in its entirety

If you want to read more about Lindt’s Maître Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler, you can read Kath’s full interview with him right here.

Oh – and that book on Kath’s kitchen table… it’s Work/Life Balance For Dummies – by Kath Lockett. You should buy it.


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  1. Great video! Kath Lockett has a future in television, very entertaining.

  2. I agree with Kevin — great video, particularly the running segment at the end, done in penance for all the chocolate eating!

  3. Christine

    Great vid! I’d never survive having your job as I don’t have the discipline for huge amounts of exercise 😀

  4. Oh, and I completely agree about white chocolate. No such thing. Offensive – definitely. Yuk.

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I have to disagree… but then I am eating a Hotel Chocolat white chocolate truffle right now. 🙂

  6. Thanks guys – it was great fun making it and even better fun eating all of the chocolate that we snapped to film and make that desired ‘thock’ sound.

    And I’ve had people email me and I must clarify – the blindfold test was indeed real, not faked and she cut the chocolate into tiny slivers so that it wasn’t obvious what they were – after all, who *wouldn’t* be able to tell a piece of Toblerone if it was still in its original triangel shape?

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