Newman’s Nutty Caramel Treat

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Newman’s Nutty Caramel Treat

This looks like it’s fairly new – a companion bar to the delicious Newman’s Ginger Treat and Peppermint Treats reviewed earlier and enjoyed many times since. And yes, I bought two so that the taste test is thorough, no mistakes are made. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Newmans were established in 1924 but were acquired by chocolatier firm Ernest Hillier in 2000. They apparently also have a Cherry Coconut and plain Coconut bar in this Treat range so I’ll keep my beadies open for those in future.

Back to the Nutty Caramel. It’s a fifty gram log that’s rather generously covered in milk chocolate that comprises of a minimum of 29% cocoa solids. It smelled nice and sweet and seemed like just the thing to have with a cup of tea for a mid-morning sugar-fest.

The caramel may look like the inside of a chokito but it’s not as ‘suck out your mouth and make your fillings shudder’ shockingly sweet and is also studded with bits of peanut and rice crispies. The inside is described as ‘Rice crisps and peanuts floating in caramel’ which is actually a bit misleading, because the caramel is far too thick for anything to float like a feather in it. Instead the nuts and crispies are more like ‘forcefully entrapped’ but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in this particular case.

Newman’s Nutty Caramel Treat bar is delicious. Sure, it’s no uber-posh choc that’s handmade by Ecuadorian virgins on the south side of the remaining rainforest but it’s uncomplicated, honest, sweet, easy to munch and satisfying. It vaguely reminds me just a bit of my favourite toast topping which is crunchy peanut butter and honey but with a more burned sugar after taste (again, this is a good thing). One fifty gram log gives you nearly eleven grams of fat (half of which is saturated) and 34 grams of sugar, so you know it’s naughty. But also very, very nice.


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  1. Ooooh Cherry coconut. I want to try one of those!

    Hah – and another devotee of crunchy peanut butter and honey. Oooooh! Oh! Oh! I’m the only one in my house who likes this and I feel LEFT OUT. Can I come and live with you?

    I wanna find myself some of these Newmans things and try them. Sounds gooooood.

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