Nestlé Peppermint Crisp

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This is the last of my current batch of South African chocolate, and probably my favourite. Peppermint Crisp is a bar of Nestlé milk chocolate with a crispty Kryptonite “peppermint crackle” centre.

While the filling resembles something that would make Superman want to curl up and die, it’s actually just sugar. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it in a chocolate bar.

The peppermint in a peppermint crisp comes in the form of long thin tubes of luminous green sugar that run the length of the bar. In terms of flavour, it closely resembles a stick of rock, but because there’s so much air trapped inside, it’s crispy and crunchy rather than solid like rock.

The effect is quite bizarre. First it’s a little like biting into shards of glass, then you get the minty hit, then the chocolate, then the “shards” start to go chewy.

The milk chocolate itself is standard Nestlé fare. The flavour is nothing to write home about, but it’s largely overtaken by the mintyness from the real peppermint oil that flavours the bar anyway. But I don’t think you’d be buying this bar for the chocolate, anyway. You’d buy it for the completely unique texture.

This is one of those bars that you’re either going to love or hate (or cut the inside of your mouth to shreds on). Personally I love it because I’ve not seen anything else quite like it – and when you’ve been reviewing chocolate for two years, that’s quite refreshing.


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  1. We have them in Australia too – the shattered mint mix is always the last thing stuck in your teeth after the chocolate’s all eaten!

  2. Kay

    Unlurking to say that there used to be something like this in the UK in the seventies- can’t remember what it was called (Mint Cracknel perhaps?) Anyway, my nana used to crumble it up over vanilla icecream and it was fantastic, although it did stick in your teeth a bit.

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Kay: I vaguely remember something similar. I’m sure it was wonderful on ice cream – Crunchie is good for that too…

  4. Candice

    I’m from South Africa – as kids we used to bite off each end of a peppermint crisp and use it as a straw to drink a glass of milk. As you drink the shards melt, flavouring the milk minty, and at the end you’re left with a yummy chocolate shell..

  5. megan

    I was born in South africa (now living in england) and it’s still a great treat when my uncle sends me a box of these 🙂

  6. Let me tell you the secret about the Nestlé Peppermint Crisp. What you do is you bite both ends and dip it into some cold milk then you suck the milk up through the mint like a straw. It’s so AWESOME and the kids will love it…. I always did this growing up. And love to share the secret of the Crisp…

    I live in the States and I’m passionate about Chocolate. I also haven’t had one in about 12 years.

  7. Ratbag

    Kay – the Peppermint Crisp is indeed what we had in the UK in the 70s as Rowntree’s (or was it Mackintosh’s?) Mint Cracknel. The bar is a different shape, but the shattery crispy innards are the same. I miss that stuff, it was my favourite bar as a kid. I really wish Nestle would reintroduce it here, but it seems they don’t think the market is there.

    • ladyloo

      Hi there Ratbag

      I read your comment about the mint cracknell I remember them so well as a kid and been trying to find some, one of my friends lives in SA and she sent me a link to a different shaped bar, but crackenell all the same lol …… I was like eyes popping out when I saw it !! Bring back Mint Cracknell and WE DO CARE !! LOL

  8. moira

    you can buy these nestle’s peppermint crisp from sanza shop for £1.25 per 2piece bar. they don’t take long to arrive and are just lovely!!Mmmm

  9. Fran Hall

    I have just found out I’m highly allergic to Sodium Benzoate. Kindly let me know by e-mail whether your vanilla ice cream has sodim benzoate. Have to check everything so kept rather busy!!!

    Many thanks

    Fran Hall (Cape Town)

  10. Boenne

    I am a South african living in Belgium.
    I also have those lovely memories with peppermint crisp and am trying for the past months to get me some.
    Does any one know where it is sold perhaps some place close to Belgium

    Many thanks
    Peppermint crisp fridge tart lover

  11. may

    we had them when i was growing up in scotland

  12. Hailey

    Next time
    bite off both ends, then use it as a straw to drink a glass of milk 🙂

  13. Llewellyn

    One of the best South African chocolate bars, really miss it. Austria has great chocolate but so much back home that was really super.

  14. Bhindi

    I wish these were available in the UK (everywhere) not just in the very expensive Aussie shops… along with Nestle Golden Rough.

  15. Deon Chapman

    The best way to have this is to bite each end off, and drink milk through it.

  16. I have just put the recipe for Peppermint Crisp Pudding on my blog – fed it to my family a few weeks ago and they are STILL groaning with joy. As an ex-South African – I am THRILLED they now have Peppermint Crisp in Australia 🙂

    Here’s the recipe!

  17. Daniel

    Oh golly that looks tasty! Where do they manufacture this? They don’t have chocolate like this in the UK where I come from!

  18. June

    Marks and Spencrs also made their own version of mint cracknell and they were yummy too

  19. sherri

    wish I could get mint cracknel again

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