Nestlé KitKat Ohagi

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Nestlé Kit Kat Ohagi

It had to happen (mainly because I’ve been sitting on my own stash of KitKats for over a week). This is my first proper Japanese Kit Kat review (having shared duties with Dom on the Ito En Vegatable KitKat) and it presented a couple of challenges. First off was trying to work out what flavour it was. Ohagi are a Japanese dessert treat made with rice and red beans or sesame seeds, sweet and sticky, no doubt. Looking at the picture on the box, it would seem that the ohagi Nestlé have based this Kit Kat on contain a sweet filling are are covered in breadcrumbs or batter of some sort.

They’re packaged exactly the same as all other Kit Kats reviewed so far – two foil packs, each containing a two-stick KitKat.

Nestlé Kit Kat Ohagi

I was quite pleased to discover that this was a milk chocolate covered Kiit Kat. Popping open the wrapper revealed chocolate fingers, and unleashed a quite powerful smell. Something else we’ve discovered is that Japanese KitKats have a habit of announcing themselves before you get to taste them.

Nestlé Kit Kat Ohagi

Having a pack open next to me as I wrote up this review filled my room with the smell of chocolate, vanilla and a sweeter, sugary aroma which I presume was mimicking the ohagi middle. It’s really quite powerful, but not in a bad way. I can best describe it as a milky, vanilla-rich chocolatey smell with a biscuity undertone. Of course the chocolate was going to be sweet, but there’s a counterbalance there in the cream filling between the wafers.

It’s almost like a hazelnut cream with a rich vanilla element, and I have to say I rather enjoyed the combination of flavours. Of course, I have yet to taste authentic ohagi, so I can’t comment on the authenticity of the flavours Nestlé have used, but I can report that the chocolate tasted sweet and milky, and the filling was an intriguing mixture of nutty, biscuity flavours. After a week of mostly average confectionery this one stood out by a mile – so much so that I’m going to recommend it to any Japanese Kit Kat hunters out there. Ifg you’re on a mission to taste KitKats from Japan, this has to be on your list.


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  1. Simon

    My Glamorous Assistant informs me that the ohagi on the box are coated in a mixture of soya flour and sugar, and yes, ohagi are very sweet.

  2. I absolutely detest red bean, but this sounds like it might actually be pretty good! The green tea Kit Kats, I took one bite and that was the only bite!

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