Nestlé KitKat Milk Coffee

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Nestlé KitKat Milk Coffee

It’s time for another KitKat form Japan, and once again, this takes the form of two pairs of individually wrapped white chocolate KitKat fingers. Part of me had been hoping for milk chocolate for a coffee flavoured KitKat, so I was immediately a little disappointed when I opened the pack. I suppose it’s easier to impart other flavours into white chocolate than it is into milk chocolate.

Once again, we have a KitKat with a strong aroma, but this one smells more like a mix of toffee and cheap coffee creams than real coffee to me.

I find the way this KitKat has been put together a little bizarre. Bite into a finger, and first you get a sweet milky flavour with that vague coffee-cream flavour, then very quickly a bitter coffee taste kicks in. It’s a real coffee flavour, it’s just not a particularly nice one. If you’ve ever eaten instant coffee granules straight from the jar, then you’ll know how it tastes. And if you haven’t done that, I don’t recommend trying it.

Nestlé KitKat Milk Coffee

It’s seems that the bitter coffee flavour is hidden in between the wafers, where is the more subtle milky flavour is in the white chocolate coating. A clever trick, but I’m not sure why one would want to make something taste of instant coffee, rather than the real thing.

The end result is a KitKat that’s half “cheap coffee cream” and half “cheap instant coffee”. Neither half works particularly well on its own, and put together they just clash. It’s interesting and unusual, simply for the fact that I’ve never seen coffee flavoured chocolate done like that. There may be a market for it amongst those who like that instant coffee flavour, but I wouldn’t buy it again.


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  1. These Japanese kit kats seem so often to tend towards extremes – either tasting too faintly, or too strongly and fakely (it’s a word… rRight now it is, anyway :P) of what they’re meant to. If only they’d get the balance right more often!

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