Nestlé KitKat Cherry (Japan)

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Cherry KitKat - Box

Time for another strange bar from my box of weird and wacky chocolate-related presents. This time, a Cherry KitKat. Or at least, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is because my Japanese is non-existent and I’m relying on the instantly recognisable “KitKat” logo and the picture of a cherry. So all in all, I’m relatively comfortable with my initial hunch, although not quite so sure about the references to Jin Nakamura’s latest hit single ‘Ti Amo’ and the Breaktown website. Probably something to do with the code printed inside the box.

Cherry KitKat - Wrapped

Anyway. Cherry KitKat. The most obvious exterior difference is that the wafery goodness is hidden inside a box which cracks rather satisfyingly down the middle. And inside there are two very pink foil packages, each with a two finger bar inside. Now, I don’t know about you but I find it tough to stop at just two fingers of KitKat so this did seem a little weird at first but after tasting this, it makes a lot more sense.

Cherry KitKat - Unwrapped

The KitKat itself is pretty much your run of the mill KitKat with the obvious difference that it is coated with a pale pink chocolately layer that houses most of the cherry flavour. There is also some cherry cream between the wafer layers too, so that translates into a good deal of cherry. And that would be ok if it wasn’t for one thing – the almost overwhelming sweetness.

Cherry KitKat - Closeup

This thing is so sweet I had to stop after two fingers and keep the other packet for later; maybe that’s the whole idea. Or perhaps you are supposed to share with a friend. Either way, it would be tough to eat the entire thing in one sitting. Definitely not one for the diabetic in your life.

That said, the cherry is a pleasant change, even if it isn’t consistent with every mouthful almost like there are little intense pockets of flavour hidden throughout. But it does give me a taste for more of these flavoured KitKats and I do have a birthday coming up next month. Fingers crossed.


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  1. I can’t decide whether that pink (on the actual bar) is pretty and subtle or sickly and nauseating . . .

  2. Michael

    Apparently there is also a Bubblegum flavour one which is covered in blue chocolate too…

  3. Blue chocolate? Now that would just be weird.

  4. KK

    When we went to Japan we picked up quite a few of these bars, including Green Tea and Wasabi 🙂 They seem to be quite popular over there; fairly expensive too

  5. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the sweetness of Japanese chocolate. A lot of my Japanese friends complain about American chocolate too. My theory is, and this is what my friends in Japan told me, but I’m not 100% sure it’s true, is that they use different sugar to make the chocolate giving it a stronger sweetness that people from other places aren’t used to.

  6. Steph Anders

    Love the kitkat bars – I used to buy them at Narita. Although, even better than the kitkats are the Royce Chocolates. I’ve been buying them in the US from – but its getting way too addictive!

  7. They should do Aero Cherry next!

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