Nestlé Heaven

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Regular chocoholics will all have experienced that painful surge of disappointment when you finally find a high-end chocolate bar or block that’s been marked down to a more affordable level, rush home and excitedly tear open the wrapping only to discover that it has clearly melted and re-set a couple of times in transit, leaving it with an appetite-affecting white discolouration.

Nestlé Heaven

However, as true chocolate fans know, if the bar in question is still well within its ‘best before’ date, it is still likely to taste good: sure, it’s not something you want to serve on a platter surrounded by strawberries to your friends after dinner, but don’t throw it out. Just wait until you’re by yourself and bite it with your eyes shut!

And so it was with….. Heaven. Originally, ‘Heaven’ here in Australia meant good quality ice-creams smothered in thick chocolate (like their competitors, ‘Magnum’, or news that Paul Hogan has moved to the US permanently) but near frozen chocolate is actually fairly difficult to appreciate. That is, unless it is compared with the so-thin-it’s-nearly-translucent chocolate/vegetable shortening sump oil equivalent that ‘money saving’ desserts are quickly dipped in.

In Heaven’s case, their makers decided that the chocolate was too good to be left languishing in the deli freezer and was in fact nice enough to hold its own amongst the chocolates for sale. They’ve released some 140g blocks that are rather pricey compared to Nestlé’s other fabulous range of milk chocolate and club dark and mild dark varieties (see my previous article on the delectable favourite, ‘cappuccino’), so I’m assuming that they are setting their cap at the Lindt lovin’ end of the market. Why the bar is 140g is a mystery – my non-existent mathematical skills don’t think it’s a direct equivalent of ounces. Most posh or free trade Aussie chocs are 100g, with the faithful stand-bys thudding down at 250g.

Well damn Nestlé’s eyes, but their gamble has paid off – Heaven chocolate, whilst being rather conceited in its brand-name, really is delicious. Note, it is milk chocolate but done extremely well – very creamy, sweet and finely textured stuff that can be sucked for the few seconds you can stand it before caving in and chewing it to release an even softer and warmer flavour.

I steadfastly refuse to look on the back of the wrapper to have this almost-religious experience ruined by discovering the fat, sugar, carb or unfortunate ingredient content: just let me remain ignorant and enjoy this far-too-small bar at a mere 40g. I hope they’re on sale again soon – I’ll buy them all, white or not.

Update from Dom:

We have ‘Heaven‘ here in the UK too…

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  1. babycakes=)

    OMG! where can i get hold of these…i live in bath! 😀

  2. BM

    Does anyone know the competitors for nestle chocolate????????????? PLZ HELP!!!!!!

  3. sw

    that would be cadbury

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