Nestlé Club Classic Cappuccino

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Nestlé Club Classic CappuccinoAs a confirmed chocoholic, there is one relatively new family-sized block of chocolate that is making the long South Australian winter stuck at home working a much more bearable situation: Nestlé’s Club Classic Cappuccino. Their dark ‘Club’ range has been available for at least thirty years, but they’ve introduced a ‘dark mild’ version that eases the bitterness and whole-heartedly serenades the flavours inside such as peppermint, cherry, almond and raisin.

Classic Cappuccino belongs to their dark chocolate range which are all superb (trust me, I will write about the other flavours in due course). With 40% cocoa solids, the chocolate itself is bittersweet and yet somehow has a creamy mouth-feel to it compared to the sometimes graininess of other dark chocolate varieties. The pale, coffee-flavoured mousse-like filling inside provides the perfect complement to the dark chocolate and if you want to have the full holy trinity of memorable mouth experiences, eat it (or suck it, very slowly) with a freshly ground and brewed cup of coffee or piping hot cup of tea for a cheap but worthwhile thrill.

It is a tad disappointing afterwards to read the ingredients label (I must stop doing this, for the fat content alone is enough to make me depressed and therefore reach for another block), but there doesn’t seem to be any actual coffee in the ‘cappuccino’ filling. Oh well, whatever they’ve managed to create in their secret laboratory using sugar, vegetable oil, antioxidant, cocoa mass, milk solids, good old emulsifiers and flavours has worked embarrassingly well, even for a choco-snob like myself.

Nestle may have recognised this oversight and tried to make up for their flavour fakery by brazenly sticking the label ‘A rich source of antioxidants’ with a red ‘tick’ logo on the top right hand corner of all of their dark chocolate range. After Googling ‘how much dark chocolate is good for you?’ and getting a list of 2,360,000 sources, it was clear that the dark brown stuff we love has a valuable antioxidant called ‘flavonoids’ in it that helps reduce blood pressure and heart disease. A couple of clicks later revealed that studies varied on how much chocolate should be given to benefit the patient.

Put it this way: I’m much more inclined to believe the study that gave their human lab rats 100g per day compared to another study where they only got to eat 6 grams!

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  1. river

    Have you tried the Haighs cappucino bars? yumyumyum.

  2. cheche

    i tasted the roasted almond one, its gooooooood!;)

  3. Waraglen

    Recently fell in love with Club Cappucino (despite the lack of actual coffee) only to have it snatched away! Nestle have discontinued it due to “a drop in sales” Had just the right mix of bitter, sweet and cream. Suffering withdrawal now as I can’t find anything as I like as much.

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