Nestlé Drifter

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DrifterDrifter is one of those chocolates that’s been around for years but has never really tempted me. This is a little odd, as I wasn’t even entirely sure what it was when I bought this one for review.

But from the moment I bit into it, I realised why I had been shunning it all these years. It’s yet another pair of chocolate covered wafer and caramel fingers.

DrifterWhen I’d managed to get over the supreme dullness of it all, I noticed it didn’t taste too bad.

The wafer and caramel did stick in my teeth, but were tasty enough (if a little too sweet) and the chocolate was typical Nestlé, steadfastly occupying the middle ground between ‘OK’ and ‘alright’.

Drifter is a pleasant little snack, but the problem is there’s just too many bars on the shelves that are too similar and it doesn’t stand out.

I’m afraid this Drifter’s brothers and sisters are going to be left on the shelves with its wafery caramel fingered friends next time.

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  1. chocolatelover

    it’s clearly a failed attempt at faking a twix!

  2. Chocoholic123

    omg! i love drifter shame i have only ever seen it in packs of 10! =(

  3. Simon

    I remember when Drifters were launched in the 70’s (I was living in the sweetshop at the time), mainly for the very 70’s Brown Wrapper, but also for the fact that if they were anywhere below room temperature they posed a danger to any loose fillings or unstable teeth.
    Does the caramel still have the consitency of bitumen?

  4. Chocoholic123

    the caramel too me is very soft and is just the right amount of chewyness if that makes sense hah=P it compliments the wafer to perfection mmmm

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Simon – yeah, it was a bit chewy – and got stuck in my teeth. Although mine was quite warm, you can tell it’s the kind of bar that would just shatter (or shatter your teeth) in cold weather.

  6. I want to buy my partner a Drifter easter egg and i can’t get on any where!! I can’t even get to buy the bar at the minute, can you HELP!

    Sharon Kieran
    32 Tallansfield Manor
    Co Louth

  7. amanda

    I love them too but I havnt seen them any where Ive been hunting HIGH and low but no result!! 🙁

    My little sis said that the caramel part was made from bug poo LMAO!!

  8. Abbi

    chocolatelover – how dare you insult the glorious Drifter!!!

    I have just eaten my Drifter in about 30 seconds!!! I blame the fact I was dunking it in my coffee so had to eat it quickly before It dropped in!!! lol

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