Nestlé Club Classic Peppermint Cream

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Nestle Club Classic Peppermint Cream

Eldest Son has been berating me for converting him to the Dark Side. He doesn’t much like milk chocolate any more, and at age 15, he’s pretty unimpressed that something he used to enjoy is not seen as so flash any more. Of course, its all my fault. But what’s the big deal? He likes dark chocolate! And there is not exactly a shortage of that!

Demonstrating that he’s not completely serious in blaming me for his ills, he came home from an after-school trip to the supermarket, proudly bearing a block of Nestle Club Classic Peppermint Cream – a gift for me, he says, though I suspect a gift for us both is more like it.

Given his involvement, and that he rushed to open the pack before I could photograph it, I think it appropriate that he describe this feast for the senses in his own words. So here goes:

“The Club Classic Peppermint Cream combines a rich dark chocolate and a very strong taste of peppermint. Just smelling it is enough to tell it contains peppermint – or maybe fake peppermint. The ingredients contain no mention of peppermint at all !

The chocolate is 70%, and there is also sugar, cocoa mass, butter oil, cocoa butter, emulsifiers, glucose syrup flavours and colours.

The appearance is a little disturbing, as the chocolate looks fine on the outside. But when you split a piece open, from what appears to be a normal block of chocolate, Alien Blood appears!

The ‘Peppermint’ comes out in a big, sticky, green pool and doesn’t look very appetising. But somehow, even without containing any peppermint, it tastes great.”

Nestle Club Classic Peppermint Cream

I’m inclined to agree. The aroma when the pack is opened is very strongly pepperminty. The taste is the standard Club dark chocolate, which is rich and very pleasant. Then when you burst into the peppermint cream filling, it’s very strong. Breaking it open IS disconcerting. I’m sure Kath would pull less punches, given the colour. It is a rather lurid, bright green – the product of a fevered imagination and plenty of artificial colour. Aliens Blood, for sure.

Peppermint chocolate seems to be one of those love / hate things. I quite like it, as does Oldest Son. So we close our eyes, ignore the Alien Blood, and think this is pretty good. Toning down the green colour would make it even better.


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  1. I have to give this chocolate a try!

  2. Ah yes. My motto, for dark chocolate and peppermint (one of my favourite flavour combinations BTW) is “If it’s green, it should never be seen.” Toxic snot does NOT belong inside chocolate!

  3. Looks good! I don’t understand why we never get any great looking candy in US.

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Trust you to find the radioactive looking chocolate again. 🙂

  5. river

    I’ve tried this and have to say I prefer the cadbury milk chocolate peppermint block. If I have to eat dark choc and peppermint, i prefer the Fry’s peppermint bar, the chocolate there is not as thick. For me it seems to make a difference and of course the peppermint is a more solid form in the Fry’s. Your son’s review was excellent. I’m rambling, I’ll leave now.

  6. Frys – yes! I haven’t been able to find that in years unless I pay through-the-nose for it at a UK imported Sweets shop…. *sigh*

  7. Nazeerah

    Ate Club just now….oooo i must say, all peppermint choc lovers must try it. im quite surprise of the oozing peppermint when i broke the piece…lolss i think ill go finish up the whole bar 😀 😀

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