Cadbury Old Gold Peppermint

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The re-launched Old Gold range of Cadbury dark chocolate varieties is kicking some serious chocolate butt in the supermarket world and deservedly so. I was particularly happy to see that they have also made an Old Gold peppermint block, because their stock-standard Dairy Milk Peppermint (with a fluoro snot green coloured filling) is just excruciatingly awful.

This chocolate cousin, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of awful. Awesome, in fact. This isn’t because Cadbury are using their 70% dark chocolate because they’re using their 45% standard Old Gold dark stuff, but because it matches up with the peppermint filling extremely well.

Even Love Chunks, who isn’t as fond as peppermint and chocolate as I am, enjoyed this. The peppermint is stronger in flavour than the green fluoro snot encased in the dairy milk block, so it cuts through the dark and remains as a refreshing after taste long after the chocolate has melted and disappeared. As such, I wouldn’t recommend eating this during the day – it is instead designed to have late in the evening after a hearty meal and should not be eaten with a glass of wine unless you actually prefer not having any tooth enamel left.

If you’re watching your fat intake (as I am, but that doesn’t mean I’m doing anything about it other than watching it), then you may be slightly pleased to find out that this block contains 20.7 grams of fat per 100 grams. Let’s not go into the sugar content but just reassure ourselves that the peppermint filling is taking up the space that is normally reserved for the fat in chocolate and yet it still tastes delicious. Oh OK, if you’re still anal-retentively concerned about the sugar, then here’s the grim fact – it constitutes a whopping 59% of the total ingredients.

Damn. Oh well, if you’re still determined to eat a 100g of this stuff (and yes, of course I did), you may be pleased to discover that you have also eaten 3 whole grams of protein. Must be from all those milk solids and egg white.


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  1. John Hodgson

    I am addicted to “the green peppermint cream” and very annoyed that I can not get it. I brought 9Kgms back from Australia to the UK last time I went and hate the new stuff.

  2. dmarie

    I love this one. It’s been in New Zealand for years you know, but even better over there 😀 Using “energy chocolate”

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