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Michel Cluizel Plantation Mangaro 65%

A 65% Madagascan dark chocolate from Michel Cluizel.

Damian Allsop Dominican Republic 67%

More of Damian Allsop's trademark water ganaches.

Michel Cluizel Selection

Fresh chocolates from one of France's top chocolatiers.

Michel Cluizel Grand Noir 85%

Returning to French chocolatier Michel Cluizel, we have this 85% bar with origins in South America, Africa, and Java, its black box accented with red instead of green. The chocolate has a good and thick cocoa flavor. I know some …

Michel Cluizel Plantation “Los Ancones”

This is the first of the three bars from Kakawa Chocolate House. I think it was the coloring that drew my eye. A normal, sophisticated black, but with a lime green border and light orange wording. This is a single …
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