Menz Turkish Delight

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Menz Turkish Delight

I have written and raved before about Menz Fruchocs– an institution as well as an addiction. News! The have an on-line shop, so desperate South Oz expats can get their fix – for a no-doubt suitable shipping fee. But even better, the nice chaps at Robern Menz have added to the stable – with Turkish Delight.

Time for a confession. I quite like Turkish Delight. Even the cheap simple stuff like Fry’s, as to be found in miniature form in various Cadbury selection boxes. Or the non-chocolatey stuff from Haighs. Or the … OK, you get the drift.
So, finding Menz had Turkish Delight came as a pleasant surprise indeed. As usual, the packaging is not classy – just a plastic bag you will find in a supermarket. The insides of the bag are what counts, and count this one does.

Menz Turkish Delight

They obviously use a similar manufacturing process as the Fruchocs, because these are also little round balls of heaven – amazingly consistent in size and shape. Each is about ½ inch (roughly 1 cm) diameter – not perfectly formed, looking a bit like the common chocolate sultanas you can get anywhere – and which I can scarf down by the handful, but that’s another story.

So what’s to like? The chocolate is milk, fairly sweet and very moreish, and there is a very generous amount of it. The Turkish Delight centre isn’t squelchy or excessively sticky – it packs a whacking punch of the rosewater flavour. And each little ball is just the right size to ensure you can’t stop at one. Or two. Or ten.

And what’s to not like? Only one thing – the bag isn’t big enough.

Now fortunately for me, the rest of the family don’t like Turkish Delight much – which makes more for me! I took great pains to eat these slowly – over a period of, oh, about 10 minutes. Not really – I made them last a couple of days. But, I did have a terrible accident. I started eating – just to get a taste – and before I knew it I had a disaster on my hands. I’d polished all but three or four before taking a photo. That’s why the bag looks flat in the picture. Oops.

As the LOLCATs might say: “Oh noes – bag iz empty cos I did eated dem.”


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  1. I’m in love – I can’t believe it’s taken me all this time to find you, Chocablog. I am sitting here debating in my own mind on Christmas morning whether I prefer Darryl Lea or Haighs scorched almonds (Haighs wins) and then I stumble on the blog of my dreams. It rocks being the only person in the house who loves Turkish Delight – me too. The tackier the packaging the better.

  2. I love Turkish Delights! And it this definitely makes me ponder what chocolate covered Turkish Delights would taste like!

  3. I’m with Janice; the chocolate covered Turkish Delight must be devine.

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