Menz Choccy Crows

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Menz Choccy Crows

When it comes to football and sponsorship, I suppose anything goes. Even chocolate is not immune.

When it comes to football and me, I couldn’t care less. A bunch of big burly blokes running around assaulting each other for a couple of hours. Pfft.

When it comes to football, although I don’t care – it DOES have to by Aussie Rules. None of that namby pamby bum-sniffing rubgy stuff that they play all over the rest of the world, and which they mistakenly call “football”. That’s not football. Football is played with an elongated ball, and you have to leap around and catch it. In your hands. But not hold onto it – that would be all wrong. And the blokes who play it need to be called “Dazza” and “Cornsey”.

And when it comes to Aussie Rules football, the Mighty Adelaide Crows made it into the finals. So it seems only appropriate to check out the official sponsorship-logo emblazoned Chocolate Crows, complete with colours on the pack and a mean-looking sort of crows-like chap.

On the inside, the results are kind of different to the build up.

Menz Choccy Crows

OK, these are chocolate covered jelly-like things. But I can’t for the life of me see a crow resemblance in the shape. Can you? They must have been cut to this shape after a night at the footy and a few too many celebratory tinnies.

Being loose in a bag, they get all knocked around so there are white marks as well…
But hey – this is cheap-n-cheerful land after all – supporting the team and all that. Rah. Rah. These really seem to be a clone of the Choccy Froggies I tried before. Nothing exceptional, in fact, pretty ordinary. If you planned on spending an evening at the footy, though, these would be a perfect accompaniment.

Go the Crows!


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    You have *very* strange looking crows in Australia… 🙂

  2. Lyndall

    Funnily enough I bought a packet of these and Choccy Thunda’s yesterday at the Menz factory in McLaren Vale for my parents. (They both go for opposing SA teams) I hope they dont resemble the blobs you have pictured. I may just have to open them up & have a little sample to see if mine are the same. (Sorry mum & dad.

  3. Crikey, they look like something that comes *out* of a crow rather than the Footy team mascot!

  4. Christine

    Hehe… It’s like a rawshack test in chocolate 🙂

  5. Christine

    Sorry, that should be Rorschach test. I probably should have googled the word first to find the correct spelling. 🙁

  6. I’ve bought these before and I won’t do it again. Menz produces some yummy stuff, namely Fruchocs, but these are not one of their finest products.

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