Mackinac Chocolate Fudge

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Mackinac Chocolate Fudge

Last week I took a look at the Gourmet Truffles from Mackinac Island Fudge Shop, but now it’s time for big boys. What we have here is three large slices of chocolate flavoured Mackinac Fudge. In a nice box with a ribbon.

Firstly, I want to say that American fudge and English fudge are a bit different. Generally speaking, American fudge is a little smoother, a bit more moist and dense (making it heavier), whereas English fudge is usually a bit drier and more crumbly. They are both delicious… just different.

American fudge is more likely to come in weird and wonderful flavours. But being Chocablog, we’re just interested in the chocolate varieties…

Mackinac Chocolate Fudge

What we have here is three flavours; Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Walnut.

I’m pleased to report that they are all delicious. They’re smooth, sweet and properly chocolatey. And despite being quite heavy, they melt in the mouth beautifully. They’re all very sweet, but you’re not going to eat these in one sitting. Just break off a small piece to nibble on with your morning coffee. Yum.

My favourite of the three varieties is definitely the Chocolate Walnut. The nuts are light and crispy and really add to the texture and flavour of the fudge. I wasn’t so keen on the Peanut Butter variety and found it just a bit too sweet and peanutty for my tastes. The ‘plain’ chocolate variety comes somewhere between the two.

Despite the fact that I’m convinced you could get diabetes just by looking at these gorgeous fudges, I highly recommend them. The cost of shipping may not make them practical if you’re outside the US. But shipping costs aside, these go straight onto my ‘recommended’ list.


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  1. river

    Here in Adelaide, suburb Norwood, we have a shop called Chocolate on Parade which makes a yummy cappucino fudge.

  2. 41p per bite? That makes this box almost a fiver, guess I won’t be reviewing these anytime soon, unless they send me some samples too…

  3. And I just posted this in the wrong section, great.

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