Mackinac Fudge Gourmet Truffles

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Mackinac Fudge Gourmet Truffles

One of the things I love most about the Internet is that it lets you discover the most interesting people and places that you’d never otherwise know about. And it also lets them discover you.

This week, for instance, I learned all about Mackinac Island. A 3.8 square mile Island in Lake Huron, Michigan. I also learned they have a rather excellent Fudge Shop when they contacted and asked if they could send some samples. I replied saying “Sure, but we’ll only review the ones with chocolate”…

A week later and a rather large, heavy box arrives at my door. Inside the box, two smaller boxes. One with 3 large slices of fudge (review coming soon!), and one with these 4 truffles.

Mackinac Fudge Gourmet Truffles

As you can see, they look rather good. They’re all different but all chocolatey. And I’m not sure this picture conveys how big these are, but unless you have a very large mouth, there’s no way you’ll eat one of these in a single mouthful. However much you might want to.

These truffles are all very soft, very smooth, moist, sticky and utterly delicious. They’re like the soft centres from expensive chocolates without the chocolate shell. Instead, each one has been gently rolled in cocoa powder or coconut. Despite this, they are still quite messy, but a lot of fun to eat. I don’t think it’s possible to eat them without getting a sticky face, sticky fingers or sticky everything.

These four truffles lasted me about a day, and were all delicious. I’d be tempted to buy some more if it wasn’t for the ever increasing stockpile of chocolate in my house waiting for review. It’s a hard life.


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  1. Wow, those look amazing. I’m very tempted to have a little word with them and see if I can’t get myself some samples, I’m a huge fudge fan and have been wanting to try some different varieties for awhile now (Peanut Butter and Maple & Pecan in particular).

  2. jMo

    Fudge from central Wisconsin on up is mandatory. They claimed to have invented the stuff on Mackinac Island.

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    They may have invented American fudge, but that’s quite different from “British” fudge (although the two are equally good, IMO.)

    I’ll look at some of the differences when I get around to my main review, but I have several pounds of (American) fudge to eat first. 🙂

  4. Well, I just had my first taste of Macinac Island Fudge (got it as a gift, though I’d grown up in Wisconsin and never had it!). It was astounding. I’m not usually a fudge person, and two of the three slices in the box had nuts (no thanks), but the third was (I think) the maple fudge.

    It completely changed my opinion on what fudge could be!! It’s firm adn easy to cut, but as soon as I pop a bite into my mouth it begins to melt into the smoothest tasting liquid chocolate delisciousness!

    I found your blog via Macinac’s own site, which linked to your review of the truffles (to convey size in pictures, use a quarter or dollar bill for perspective). I’m going to look for your review of the fudge now… 😉

  5. daniel

    I just received the truffles from their shop. They were bite-size and not hardly as big as the photo and write-up depicts, but they were most likely the best truffles I ever had. They were superb and tasted amazing.

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