Lindt Pralinés Noirs

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There’s only one thing better I like seeing than chocolates on special and in large quantities, like this:

…is when I see this, something entirely new from Lindt. In this case it is a gorgeous looking box of Pralinés Noirs with 70% cacao solids.

Inside are sixteen beautiful chocolates that remind me of Max Brenner’s creations which are hideously expensive to buy, whereas these little charmers are not. Even better, they are in four divine flavours – Orange Frutée, Noir Intense, Noisette (hazelnut praline) and Cacao Croquant (which means they’re studded with crunchy cocoa nibs if you’re a non-sophisticate like myself).

See, didn’t I say they were beautiful? Plus, they’ve even made allowances for their Philistine fans like myself and not only added an elegant gold letter to match the flavour, but also put the description on each side of the row. Nice work, Lindtsters.

As you regular readers know, we chocabloggers have waxed lyrical about Lindt’s 70% dark chocolate before and deservedly so because it is some of the world’s finest. Well try multiplying that by four when each one of these marvels are eaten.

Firstly, the Noir Intense. A fine dark circle covered in a thin but solid layer of 70% that breaks down to reveal a softer and more intense buttery filling inside, thus creating two unique textures from the same base.

The Orange Frutée also has a buttery dark filling inside and not the marmalade-y layer that is found in their Creation 70% blocks. The continuation of the dark interior complements the style of chocolate perfectly – after the orange dissolves, there lingers an almost coffee-like kick to the dark 70% which just makes me want more of it.

So, on to the third flavour – Eclats de Noisettes, with very creamy, effortlessly melty and fine hazelnut praline which I really enjoyed immensely, which is rather unusual for a non-hazelnut fan like myself. Perhaps being expertly enrobed in a solid dark 70% outer layer was the deciding factor?

Lastly but not leastly, the Cacao Croquant – my newest and utter favourite. Who knew that tiny, slightly crunchy cocoa nibs could add a bit of fun and extra flavour? I hope that Lindt release these nibs into larger portions, such as their 150g Classic block range. More is more, I say!


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  1. Christine

    I’m glad you reviewed these ones as I saw them the other day and was curious. Didn’t realise that there were 16 in the box though. Bargain! *adds to shopping list*

  2. Simon

    So you too have discovered the joy of nibs.
    These do look rather fab. Please Mr. Lindt, can the Brits have some too?

  3. Rachel

    Dam, now Imma have to go buy. I have been clamouring for dark chocolate orange,
    The dark truffles were amazing, to the e-shop!!

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