Lindt Creation Intense Orange

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After the disappointment of my Lindt Coffee Intense experience I decided to be brave and get back on the swiss choccy horse with this decidedly more posh looking bar. Lots of gold lettering on a dark background, and an illustration suggesting dark, dark chocolate, truffle mousse and bitter orange flavours. Yum – posh chocolate orange!

The fact that this bar was 70% cheered me up no end too, and the fact that the mousse filling on the box put me in mind of the Petits Desserts Dark Truffe Cake was never going to deter me either. I had high hopes for this one.

Over the course of numerous Lindt reviews I’ve come to realise that the filled bars merit closer inspection, so before diving in, I snapped a square and had a good look at the inside.

Lindt Orange

Looks good doesn’t it? Dark chocolate oozing what looks like marmalade (made with orange juice and 1% orange, so the package tells us), and it smells delicious too.
When I finally popped it into my mouth I was rewarded with a fantastic blend of the two flavours. The ‘orangey bit’ is wonderfully bittersweet and balances with the dark cocoa flavours in a tongue-tingling mix of citrus highs and dark chocolate lows. It’s a real mouth-waterer, and once the orange has left your mouth the dark cocoa flavours linger on (well, until you grab another chunk and pop it in).

This bar more than made up for my previous disappointment. My faith was restored, and I have found yet another great tasting bar to inflict upon visiting friends (who, it has to be said, are coming to expect a choccy tasting in lieu of dessert these days). Highly recommended.

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  1. LindtLover

    I’ve tried this one too. I was good, but not great. I felt slightly let down.

  2. raine

    chocolate and orange is one of the great pairings of this world food wise (it’s mint and dark chocolate for me though). i will definitely try this one soon. thanks.

  3. Pilar

    WHERE DO YOU PURCHASE THIS??? I LOVE IT! I had it in Spain once but I can’t find it in the US =(

  4. Lona B.

    I found this in our local Genardi super market. Didn’t see it at any other local markets. I think it is delicious!

  5. Jeremy

    I find these at Target, Cost Plus World Market, and sometimes Wal-Mart. My favorite of them is Cost Plus because it also has a wide selection of other chocolates aside from the usual, still haven’t tried that bacon one…

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