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Lindt is a regular feature here on Chocablog, but I’d never clapped eyes on such a large box of them before – 400g and just in time for Christmas. Surely this was the ideal time to shout myself a silver box and scoff the lot?

Not according to my daughter who spotted them lying next to my laptop – in fact the box is larger than my laptop – and insisted that I share. Rats!

Inside, Lindt have inserted eight popular fillings including white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, 60% chocolate (in the black wrapper), hazelnut (milk), raspberry (dark), coffee (dark) and orange (milk). All have been tried many times before by this writer and all are superb. Most afternoon tea and coffee drinkers, dinner party guests or fed-up Silly Season Bah Humbuggers are going to find something they like in here and at $26 per box it is both affordable and a better alternative to a dodgy Christmas compilation CD in my opinion.

However there are some rogue Lindt Lindor balls out there in the wild who seem to only appear intermittently that didn’t make it into this mammoth, magnificent box – deliciously devious flavours such as peanut butter, peppermint, cinnamon and stracciatella (white chocolate and cookie crumbs) to name only the few I’m aware of.

Will Lindt ever put out a box or specialty gift selection that includes all Lindor flavours? And if not, why not?


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  1. Kikishua

    I’ve had the peanut butter and the peppermint (hooray for the classy Lindt pick ‘n’ mix in Whittards) – but there’s a stracciatella too? I’m going to have to hunt that sucker down, by jingo!!!!

  2. Christine

    I’d also love to get a hold of the elusive cinnamon and peanut butter ones! I saw the cinnamon ones available in a mixed box today in a specialty choc shop but didn’t want to buy a whole box just to get maybe one or two in there 🙁

  3. Kikishua, stracciatella is around occasionally. Sneaky Lindt make sure they come and go to keep us on our toes, but a little bird*** tells me that you should keep your eyes open for them in their own boxes around Mothers’ day each year.

    Ah Christine, since when is buying a box of assorted Lindt balls going to be a waste???? 🙂

    *** Matt Thorpe, Lindt Legend, South Australia

  4. I like to get cinnamon!!
    A lot of chocolate and kind of chocolate.
    I want to eat.

  5. I didn’t even know that Lindt has cinnamon chocolate or peanut butter… they don’t really sell that kind of flavors here in Romania unfortunately.I love Lindt anyway :).

  6. We had a bag of lindt truffles with dark choc, white choc, milk choc, hazelnut and the all important peanut butter!!! First time I’d tried the peanut butter ones, oh my they are good!!!!

  7. river

    We staffers had our customary christmas box of Lindt given to us by the manager during christmas week. I was really looking forward to the coffee ones only to find they’d been replaced this year by peppermint ones.

  8. BlueSkies

    Lindt is the best.

    If only they made boxes for the unique brands!! Even a peppermint box would be yummy! Evil smart marketing people who get your hopes up with big assorted boxes.. I only got 1 peppermint in mine..

  9. Susan

    Lindor is surberb overall but Lindt take note the hazelnut ones are a disaster – withdraw and replace with peanut butter (never tried them but sound great)

  10. jim

    if anyone finds the cinnamon truffles online leave a comment here. i’m desparate!

  11. Wayne

    FYI, there’s a Lindt website where you can order them
    If you don’t live in the USA, there’s a link along the bottom of the page to OTHER COUNTRIES.

  12. You can now buy Lindt balls by the kilo from the website No cinnamon ones as yet but peanut butter is available!

  13. Helen

    I’d also love to get hold of the cinnamon ones. Is there anywhere currently selling them (and that will ship to the UK)?

  14. We have got, for the Christmas 2010 season in Australia, a lime-green box of milk-and-white Lindt balls. Milk on the outside, white on the inside, and in 35C heat, at room temperature they just slide down your throat! I have never heard of the peanut paste ones. Would be worth a try tho’. Peppermint has made a Christmas appearance, as has Stracciatella, but not seen pink ones.

  15. Helen

    Ooh, what colour are the wrappers on those milk and white ones? I’ve had some before with lime green wrappers with flowers on them, and the snowman ones, both of which were milk & white I think. Are these different?

  16. The light green wrapper and the snowman ones are exactly the same. We are selling the snowman ones on our website.

  17. The milky white Lindt balls are in a Snowman theme. See for a picture.

  18. jim t

    Is there a lindt factory in the united states. New england area maybe.
    might they sell the cinnamin at the gift shop there?

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