Lindt Hot Chocolate Flakes

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Dear, sweet, darling Matthew Thorpe, he of the South Australian Lindt distribution (and generous sharing) and radio fame, gave me a couple of tins of Lindt’s new hot chocolate flakes to try. They’re available at a few selected supermarkets who recognise that not all of us want to mix up some dusty old cocoa powder with hot water and sugar as an uninviting winter treat.

Oddly enough, both tins are the same colour. As a long-term lover of Lindt (try saying that with a mouthful of Lindor balls), it strikes me as unusual that the milk chocolate flavour isn’t in a red tin like their blocks and balls. There’s a teeny weeny difference in the top banding – bronze for the dark and a goldish band for the milk, but it would be too easy to assume that they’re both the same flavour.

Until you open the tins, that is. The dark chocolate flakes on the left are distinctly darker, with that familiar, heavenly aroma. The milk flakes are on the right and also invited me to stick my nose in and inhale their sweet invitation. Matt told me that the chocolate is literally just shaved straight from a large block, so if I was desperate, I could just dip a spoon in and eat it. Handy to know for any future hard times or if no-one else was around…..

Like all good hot chocolates, it doesn’t pay to be stingy with the servings and Lindt is a proud supporter of this view, stating that six teaspoons are the recommended amount per cup. They suggest blending the flakes with about half a cup of milk which is then microwaved for about 30 seconds per cup. Then the mixture is stirred, topped up with more milk and microwaved again, giving it a thorough stir when it is taken out. This photograph gives you a good idea as to what sixty seconds of effort produced – no, the biscuits didn’t magically appear; Sapphire and I made them. The drink itself looked fluffy and fragrant and just what we wanted on a cold winter’s afternoon.

No sugar is needed as there’s enough in the chocolate itself and even though we used skim milk it still produced an attractive ‘crema’ found in the top quality coffees made by skilled baristas.

And the taste? How does one describe it without resorting to clichés? Liquid velvet for the tongue; like waves of warm love rolling amongst a field of taste buds; or as though Uma Thurman or George Clooney had reincarnated themselves as a hot drink that was waiting, yearning, dreaming only of you. Pretty bloody fantastic, in other words.


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  1. anabels

    But is the dark chocolate one dairy free???

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    anabels: I don’t know, but it’s worth remembering you can make hot chocolate from any good quality chocolate (remember, these flakes are just shaved off a big block of chocolate.)

    Just buy a block of your favourite chocolate, melt some and add milk/water/sugar/whatever to taste.

  3. There is a world of difference between hot chocolate made from a powder packet and those made from real chocolate. I like the real chocolate much better, the powdered packets kind of have a cheap after taste. I think that selling these chocolate flakes are a great idea, I wish my grocery stores around here had some of them. I have to try and make the powdered packets work by melting a piece of dove chocolate in them to make them taste right.

  4. tsixestixe

    That reminds me of the Cadbury hot chocolate which also came in flakes… I don’t know if they still make that, haven’t seen it around in a long time. But I remember enjoying it VERY much. I hope I can find these Lindt ones here, at least – I love the thick hot chocolate you get with flakes!

  5. Alina

    Hello, I stumbled upon your wonderful blog googling for Lindt white coconut reviews. I’m now a subscriber! The last paragraph on this post made me laugh 🙂

  6. rich

    where can i buy this stuff in the uk!!!!?!?!
    nice review btw 🙂

  7. I was about to say the same as Melissa! How could she NOT buy you one?? That is just cruel.What is also cruel is putting up pics like that when it’s 3:15pm and I haven’t eaten since braekfast. That just looks so. damn. good. And is it really that easy to make??Choc-mint Lindt is going on the weekly shopping list. I have GOT to try making that!

  8. Hi There
    I randomly thought about buying Lindt Hot Chocolate Flakes from the supermarket and searched for a review online. Your blog was the first one to come up. Your review was great! I know that when I go to the Lindt Cafe, that they serve the BEST hot chocolate ever but at $5 for a small cup, it is a bit pricey so I thought I would purchase the flakes from the supermarket and make my own.
    After reading your review, I will definitely go out and buy this. It is well worth it!
    Thanks for the great review
    Angeli Yuson

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