Lindt Edelbitter Sauerkirsch-Chili

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Lindt Edelbitter Sauerkirsch-Chili

Oh woe is me! I weakened.

I finally broke open this pack that I’ve been saving since late last year when we brought it back from the far side of the world. One of the few remaining chocolates left that we smuggled past border guards, through grumpy airport security, past customs and sniffer dogs. Not quite hidden in shoes, but the stash WAS spread amongst several items of luggage – on the grounds that if some were confiscated, the rest might not be found.

I’m not actually all that mad keen on chilli in my chocolate. Most chilli chocolates I’ve come across have too much. This includes the Lindt Excellence range, which I can easily go past, it’s just too intense. I’ve watched on in amazement, though, at my chilli guzzling colleagues at work who can demolish a whole block without blinking. Then turn around and say that it needs a bit more oomph. Hmmm.

So I approached this one with a mixture of curiosity and, perhaps, a little respect. Result: I’ve been hugely surprised on the upside. This is a fantastic creation from Lindt. The chocolate is a dark 70%, with a rich earthy aroma when you open the pack. The liquid filling is not bitter at all, but is sweet and carries a hint of cherry. The chilli hits a bit later, and when it does it brings a gentle lift to the flavour with a tiny bit of zing; it’s Baby Bears chilli: Juuuuuuust Right. Through huge self-control, I’ve only eaten two pieces. The rest better watch out though, their numbers are all nearly up.

Lindt Edelbitter Sauerkirsch-Chili

Zees cleffer Chermans, you zee, zay haf zees vundervull sssssschocolades zat ze rest of uz juzt dream off. Zoze nize peepl from Lindt, zay make all zees type off ssssssschocolates zat uz eeenglish zpeakers are not good enuff to buy.

The Edelbitter range seems to be limited to Germany, and I’m rotten with jealousy and rage. What’s not to like? With varieties like this one (Sauerkirch-Chili / Sour Cherry & Chilli); Orange; Zitrone-Basilikum / Lemon & Basil; and Blaubeer-Lavendel / Blueberry & Lavender. These are some pretty impressive flavour combinations. I only managed to bring one home. I’d love to try the rest, and to see these sold further afield – like down in the bottom end of the planet, where skies are blue, it doesn’t rain enough, and Cadbury rules the supermarket roost.


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  1. I love the Lindt Chili bars and can only believe that the addition of sour cherry would make it fantastic! Wish we could get it here.

  2. By golly, it does look like much the same thing. Strangely enough, the one you reviewed says “Chilli” on the pack but does not leap out saying Cherry. How odd.

    Seems like Lindt are marketing the same (or a very similar) product under different names in different countries.

    Sadly, we don’t seem to get either of these Down Under. More’s the pity.

  3. I have seen Lindt excellence Cherry and Chili blocks around, but not in the past few months; so maybe it was a special Christmas release or something.

    But Lemon/Basil and Blueberry/Lavender – wow! Please Lindt, can we have these available in Australia? Pretty please??

  4. Sharky

    You’re wrong it’s also available in Spain and it’s delicious.

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