Leysieffer White Chocolate with Cinnamon

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This is the second Leysieffer bar I have sampled, and it couldn’t be more of a contrast to the previous (Dark chocolate and Elderflower) bar I tried a while back. Many thanks to my little helper who selected these two for me, despite not knowing what was in them.

As you now know from watching Dr. Kiki’s video lecture on chocolate, white chocolate is made without cocoa liquor, making it sweeter, softer and (to my mind) a little blander, so the thought of an additional spicy cinnamon kick cheered me up a little.

However, when it came to the crunch I was left thinking that actually a little crunch might have been a good idea.

The cinnamon flavour was there but in a very subtle way, so that the overall taste was, once again, good old bland white chocolate. Notes of cinnamon were apparent when I sniffed it and when it first hit my tongue, but they never really developed into anything stronger than a hint, and that just made the overall experience just a little too soft and creamy for my liking.

Compared to the mouthwatering loveliness of the Elderflower bar this is a very poor second in my opinion. Of course, someone who loves white chocolate would probably beg to differ, but as a lover of the darker tastes I continue to find that white chocolate lacks that certain ‘oomf’ that only comes with a good dose of cocoa solids.


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  1. K.

    How funny! After finding your delightful blog a few weeks ago, I decided to have a go at this reviewing business and actually did my own – of the same chocolate. Look:

    Leysieffer offer quite a range of interesting chocolate creations, and on the hunt for a collague’s beloved Chilli chocolate I also came across this Cinnamon variety. I’m a big fan of all things cinnamon and couldn’t resist getting to know this variety a little bit better. On closer inspection, the wondrous creation turns out to be white chocolate (28% cocoa).

    A let-down? Better off going dark? The actual choccy colour is anything but white by any chance, and looks more like a delicious caramel. It smells surprisingly faintly of cinnamon, to be honest I’d have expected a stronger smell. The flavour is similar, it’s definitely dominated by the white chocolate which is actually quite nice and doesn’t overpower you with butter or greasiness. The only thing that’s really missing for me is the actual selling point – the cinnamon! The flavour is very faint, and I ended up feeling more confused by reminding myself to taste it than anything else.

    So if you’re after some really good white chocolate with a tiny hint of cinnamon, this one’s for you. But if you crave full flavour, maybe look closer to Lindt’s Christmas chocolate. (6/10)

  2. Marcia Martins

    Just out of curiosity, but what would you roughly pay for a Dolphin 30gr bar in the U.K.? Here in Portugal, I picked one up yesterday for 1,50€… Not bad, right?

  3. Marcia Martins

    Oh, sorry, ‘Dolfin’, not ‘Dolphin’…. 🙂

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