Leysieffer Holunder-Blüten

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Leysieffer Holunder-Blüten

Late last year one of my small chocolate-loving people had a school trip to Germany, and so I handed over €20 and said “Bring me back something unusual, and make sure it’s chocolate.” Well, sure enough my faith was rewarded, and this was one of the bars I was given.

A quick look at the Leysieffer site reveals that they also produce coffee, teas, biscuits and jams as well as an astonishing selection of chocolate and marzipan bars. For you non-German speaker, this bar is 56% cocoa chocolate with extract of Elderflower – something i have never seen before. Being rather partial to a glass of elderflower cordial and sparkling water, I was quite pleased to be given this, and when I tasted it for the first time I began to wish I had a supply of them.

When I popped the first square of this chocolate into my mouth, the sweetness of the elderflower was almost immediately released, causing my salival glands to go into overdrive.

This is seriously mouthwatering stuff. The initial sweet hit of the elderflower is soon tempered by the chocolate melting, and as the flavours combine you get a wonderful citrussy/chocolate mouthful with hints of lychee and lemon. This really is quite remarkable chocolate, but unfortunately Leysieffer’s site is entirely in German and as far as I can tell they don’t distribute to the UK which is a huge shame. I think this has to be one of the tastiest bars of chocolate I have eaten of late. It’s a little sweet for everyday consumption but as a special treat it really is worth tracking down.

It’s at times like this I wish Chocablog had some sort of taste/smell interface, as I would love to share this one with our readers. It’s THAT good.

I would like to know if any other chocolate companies make an elderflower variety, and if not then might I suggest that someone in the UK gives it a go very soon?


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  1. Annika

    Hello, I´m from Germany. If you don´t find any other company in the UK, Leysieffer ship worldwide. They charge € 17 to the UK.

  2. mattmcnaught

    Did you ever find any UK versions? I tasted some elderflower chocolate that a friend had bought from the Cafe at the National Gallery in London the other day. It was absolutely delicious. I didn’t get the brand name, unfortunately. But if you’re in London it might be worth a trip.

  3. You have made me long for crab apple jelly! I made it every year when I lived around the conerr from a crab apple tree, but since I moved back to Melbourne I have been without. i will have to start some serious searching!

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