Leda Minton

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Leda Minton

Today brings another sampling of the staple food of the chocolate fiend: the Chocolate Mint biscuit.

I spotted the Leda Minton “(Now with a DARK CHOC coating)” in my local supermarket the other day, and thought it was worth a try – especially after my previous experience with a health-claiming choc-mint biscuit.

This seems to be similar, with its claims of Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegan, non GMO. I’m left wondering if it has any actual FOOD in it. The claims on the pack are pretty much the high point.

Firstly, the chocolate is compound: Raw cane sugar, palm kernel oil, soy flour, cocoa powder. Whilst the chocolate coating is claimed as 34% of the product, the percentage cocoa in that chocolate is not stated. But it’s very soft, and quite sticky. You need to wash hands after eating.

Secondly, the remainder has the usual suspects for ingredients – to avoid the gluten there is chickpea, tapioca and rice flour, more palm oil, etc.

The biscuit part is actually not bad. It’s nice and crunchy, and youngest son compares it quite favourably to a Tim Tam (which is therefore high praise). The mint splat on top uses natural peppermint oil, and is very minty – but the flavour in this case does not linger for hours after.

Leda Minton

The disappointment though is the chocolate. A dark chocolate coating is not soft. This is soft. And really, there is no excuse for compounded chocolate – it’s possible to use real chocolate which is still free of the gluten, eggs, and what-not. Perhaps worst of all though, the chocolate tastes pretty ordinary. The palm oil does have some kind of flavour coming through which is slightly unpleasant, and this detracts from the experience.

For those with health troubles or allergies this might be a way to get a chocolatey treat. For everyone else, you can do better elsewhere. The poor quality of the chocolate and the use of palm oil mean that I struggle to recommend this. Edible: yes. Do again: No.


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