Naturally Good D’Lush Double Choc Biscuits

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Naturally Good D'Lush Double Choc Biscuits

Strangely enough, chocolate biscuits are a bit of a weakness of mine. Finding something new was a bit a treat. I found these chocky bikkies in my local supermarket a week or so ago and they have been calling, tempting me, ever since. Today was the day.

These are however, from the Health Food Section of the supermarket – itself something a warning, because the usual suspects are trotted out. No this, better that, and more of something else. Blah blah blah. In this case, it’s Gluten Free – a quite legitimate claim for those who can’t tolerate the gluten – and something of an achievement to get a gluten free biscuit. Other claims we have are: egg free, yeast free, high fibre, no added salt, no preservatives, no artificial flavours. I suppose I shouldn’t sound off too much – there are other products which get far more bit carried away with their virtues.

Naturally Good D'Lush Double Choc Biscuits

Actually, the part about this product that puts me off most is the name. D’Lush. Sounds like a way to refer to D’drunken sot and trying to be kind of nice about it. Strange. When I opened up, the thing that’s really noticeable here is the peppermint. They say on the pack that it’s made with natural peppermint oil, and they aint kiddin’. The chocolate is pretty soft, and turns out to be compounded – made with sugar, cocoa powder, vegetable fat of some unspecified kind, and milk solids. It is 40% cocoa, but still, standards – please!

The biscuit within is very crunchy, and pepperminty. So how to you make a biscuit without wheat flour? The ingredients are, again, revealing: raw sugar (it shows), water, rice flour, vegetable oil, soy flour, maize flour, cocoa powder, soy fibre, peppermint oil.

All things considered, not bad. Could be improved using real chocolate instead of compounded. Not something I’d eat every day, but its OK for a change – perhaps up to a point. 3 hours after eating 3 of these, I still have a very strong peppermint after-taste in my mouth that just won’t go away, and I’m doing strong peppermint burps. You can have too much of a good thing.


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  1. “D’Lush” – maybe it’s named for the New Zealander accent?

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