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Ah yes, KitKat, That weird Japanese obsession.

We’ve reviewed plenty of variations on this theme before – in fact, a couple of years ago we spent an entire week reviewing Japanese oddities primarily made of of KitKats in weird and wonderful (but mostly weird) flavours. We never got around to writing about this particular flavour though – white chocolate KitKat with matcha green tea.

A few weeks ago, I was given two of these bars by different friends quite independently (Thanks MiMi & Peter!), which is obviously some kind of sign that it needed to be reviewed. So here goes.

As with many of the Japanese KitKats, the colour is quite striking. The bright green isn’t the most appetising colour in the world, but by KitKat standards it’s still quite restrained. The flavour is also quite subtle – in fact, it’s difficult to discern much flavour at all at first. It’s not too sweet, but there’s no real flavour from the chocolate.

But right at the end you’re greeted by a subtle matcha flavour. It’s a flavour that stays with you long after the KitKat has gone and then just seems to get stronger. What starts off as quite a pleasant flavour develops into something that hangs around just a little too long, like garlic. In fact, the only way I found to get rid of the aftertaste was to have another piece of KitKat – clearly part of Nestlé’s master plan to make me eat more.

Having said that, it’s certainly not the most offensive chocolate I’ve ever had, and although it’s not something I’d buy for myself, it’s an interesting introduction to the world of crazy KitKats. If you’re into that kind of thing.


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  1. MiMi gave me one too and I really enjoyed it… I don’t usually like white chocolate but the matcha flavour, whilst subtle, made it work! I didn’t mind the after taste at all!

  2. getting my mouth watery. Running to get the one. lol

  3. Living in Japan, I love finding & trying all the different KitKats, it’s like a treasure hunt! I’ve not had the Green Tea ones yet, seen them just have not purchased yet.

  4. Yes, I am into this sort of thing! I hope I can find these at my local Asian market. I really hope they make Taro flavor, too 🙂

  5. Andrew Lime

    Where can you buy those Kitkat in London?

  6. Charles

    I discovered green tea KitKats in Kyoto several years ago and was instantly infatuated. Every time anyone I know goes to Japan I beg them to bring some back for me. There are 2 versions of these candy bars that I know of: one is matcha flavored white chocolate with crispy wafers. The other – much harder to find – version has matcha infused white chocolate outside but the wafers are layered with red bean paste inside. The red bean and matcha version is the best!

  7. Nestlé are the ones who should NOT make KitKats at all! In fact, they should NOT make any of the good brands they have aquired and/or changed. Aero is good though.

  8. Susan

    Nestlé doesn’t sell those kitkats in the states or Europe because they contain traces of fish

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