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We don’t often write about Nestlé products – partly because we’ve already written about most of the important ones, but mostly because we just don’t like manufacturers who lace their chocolate with palm oil. But I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for these weird Japanese KitKats. They’re just so… ridiculous.

I picked this particular one up from Cybercandy in Islington. It was the only KitKat they had (probably a good thing), but as someone who had a bit of a thing for cola cubes as a kid, I thought I’d invest my hard-earned cash in one. Yes, I actually paid money for this.

Inside the box are two fingers of cola flavoured KitKat and two of lemonade flavour.

As is often the case with these Japanase KitKats, they’re simply white chocolate with added flavouring and colouring. The English translation of the ingredients list does include cocoa powder, but I’m not sure I believe that. Suffice to say, the top two ingredients are “Sugar” and “Vegetable Oil”. That, I can believe.

How do they taste? Exactly like you’d expect them to.

The Cola variety has that artificial cola taste that instantly brings back memories of the vast quantities of hard boiled cola cube sweets I consumed as a child. And the lemonade flavour is half way between a lemon cheesecake and sherbet lemon sweets.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t dislike this. I want to hate it so much, but the flavours brought back so many childhood memories that I’m ashamed to say I liked it. Obviously, it’s completely artificial and packed with sugar, but I still felt a little sad when it had all gone. I’m a bad person.


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  1. Jo-Anne

    What the hell don’t think I would be trying them

  2. Thank you no 🙂 Keep up the good work letting us know what’s worth munching on!

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