Karl Fazer Nordic Gourmet Blueberry Pie

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The first of a handful of items of varying quality purchased on a recent trip to Finland, this Fazer bar had me in mind of the Lindt Petits Desserts range we worked through a couple of years ago. Fazer is synonymous with Finnish chocolate, and this range of bars seem to be the more upmarket end of the Fazer range – they’ve even used Karl Fazer’s full name on the box. As you can see from the illustrations and gold embossing, Fazer have gone for a refined approach to th packaging design for these bars (yes, there are more).

So what of this ‘Finest milk chocolate’? At 30% cocoa solids it’s hardly world class stuff to be honest but in the context of what was always going to be a sweet confectionery bar with milk chocolate, that could be forgiven. In fact an awful lot can be forgiven when you taste a piece of this bar. It is Blueberry Pie in chocolate, or as close to it as I think it might be possible to get.

The (even sweeter than the chocolate) creamy filling is home to tiny pieces of biscuit and blueberry which deliver a near-perfect reproduction of Blueberry Pie. It’s uncanny. It’s a very well balanced set of flavours. It is also incredibly sweet – so much so that more than I could just finish a second piece. In the hands (and mouth) of a younger chocolate muncher it was a very different story. Favourite new chocolate by a mile, and I am now under oath to bring back LOADS of it should I ever return to Finland.

It’s a bit of a tribute/cover version of the Petits Desserts range, right down to the way it looks, but it goes in a slightly different, fruitier direction and pulls it off admirably. The chocolate is fairly average but the overall combination works very well – just don’t go there if you don’t have a sweet tooth.


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  1. Venkat

    I loved this one! Its a tad too sweet as mentioned in the post, but texture is beautiful and melts even before you realize it.

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