Jeff de Bruges Gianduja Cornets

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You might not guess it from the name, but Jeff de Bruges was started by a Frenchman called Phillipe. Personally, I think I would have gone for “Phillipe de Paris” as a name for my shops because “Jeff de Bruges” sounds about as sexy as “Darren de Dagenham” to me.

I digress. I happened to find myself in their Mayfair store at the weekend and decided to try these Gianduja “cornets”. I paid a princely £6.36 for 6 of them, making them a rather pricey £1.06 each. They’re not really cornets, but cone-shaped lumps of gianduja wrapped in little foil discs to look like an ice cream cornet.

We’ve talked about Gianduja before – most recently in our Hotel Chocolat Gianduja review. It’s simply a mixture of hazelnut paste and chocolate. It has a soft consistency, and it’s often used as the filling for chocolates, or for making desserts.

In this case, we have three varieties of gianduja – “original”, “dark” and “crispy”. You get two of each in a box, which is great for sharing – but not so great if you’re eating them alone, because gianduja can be quite rich and sweet.

These cornets are no exception to that, being just a little too sweet for my liking. The dark chocolate version is made with 52% cocoa solids chocolate, and the others with 30% milk chocolate, so even before the hazelnut paste is added, there’s a lot of room for sugar (and it is in fact top of the list of ingredients).

That said, they have a nice texture and a decent flavour if you eat them in moderation. I like the presentation, and the fact that you do get three different varieties here, but on balance, I think I preferred the Hotel Chocolat version.


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