Isis Luxury Belgian Pralinoir

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In contrast to my previous review of PureFlavour Raw chocolate, may I present Isis? This is a Belgian bar made by a company who have been making chocolate for eighty five years, and was bought from Waitrose.

This bar is best described as ‘full fat’, being made from a blend of 50% cocoa dark chocolate and hazelnut praline, with 100% pure cocoa butter. It’s so soft that it needs to be kept cool, and is 35% fat, 46% sugar. High levels of naughtiness indeed!

The mouthfeel is remarkably similar to the Tesco Espresso bar I reviewed a while back – very, rich, creamy and dark tasting. You know as soon as you pop a square of this in your mouth that it isn’t health food! The bar is studded with small biscuit pieces which do a great job of breaking up the richness, and provide a nice crunchy counterpoint of both texture and taste to the creaminess of the chocolate.

This is definitely a ‘special treat’ bar, and, like the Tesco bar, something you’d be hard pressed to eat more than a few squares of. It goes well with a good cup of coffee. Just keep an eye on how much you eat in one sitting!


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  1. laura

    Where can I buy this?

  2. Simon

    Errm, Waitrose perhaps?

  3. passbel

    ou peut on acheter ce chocolat ?

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