ION Derby

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Ion Derby

As you may have guessed, this is another Greek curiosity from Chocablog reader George Loumakis. This one’s definitely more of a “candy bar” than the ION with Chios Mastiha I reviewed previously.

George notes that it has some historical value as some claim Derby was the first chocolate bar ever produced in Greece, and the ION web site claims it to be one of the country’s most popular candy bars. The name doesn’t sound very Greek to me though!

So what exactly is it?

Ion Derby

Well starting on the outside, we have milk chocolate of unknown cocoa content, with a good helping of crisped rice. Nice enough, but nothing special – and certainly not the most appetising looking chocolate creation I’ve seen.

Inside, things get a bit weirder. The filling is best described as “chewy coconut marshmallowy stuff”. I couldn’t make out the Greek translation, but I bet that’s the official description!

While there’s definitely pieces of desiccated coconut in there, it’s much more chewy than a Bounty bar, and has more flavour too. I imagine you would get a very similar experience if you grated a coconut into a jar of Fluff, then added half a bag of extra sugar – this stuff is really sweet.

Luckily though, it’s also very light and quite small, so it’s quite easy to get through in one go without sharing (sharing!? boo!!), and I found myself really quite enjoying it. Not posh, but the perfect antidote to a mid-afternoon sugar craving.

So far ION are two-for-two… I wonder what the Greeks have in store next…


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  1. MS

    Not a big fan of milk chocolate, but this actually looks good.

  2. Christine

    This looks a bit like a Chokito

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I’ve never seen a Chokito, so I can neither confirm or deny that. 🙂

  4. Christine

    If you do a search at google images for chokito you get a couple of cross sections that look similar to the image on the Derby packet.

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Ah, found some. You couldn’t really make out the filling on this bar – it certainly wasn’t as thick as the wrapper suggests. I did try to do a cross-section photo, but it didn’t look very appealing!

  6. Malwina

    its my favourite! i love derby! My sister is sending me all package from Greece, it has 20 chocolate bars inside. It’s second week and unfortunately i’ve got only ONEEEEEE! 🙁 It’s still playing with my mind: eat or not to eat? Agrr! :((

  7. Mike!

    Best candybar EVER! This thing has been around since Pericles!

  8. Derby

    My name is Derby so I was very excited to see these in Greece while visiting this weekend!

  9. James

    Just had one as work a colleague brought them back from holiday! Awesome!

  10. wasaq

    i liked that sweet any one can guide me from where can i buy more in England?

  11. vishal

    For trade enquiry in india state haryana

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