Guylian Seashells

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This small box of Guylian Seashells is 65g and contains six Guylian Belgian chocolates with soft praline centres.

I’ve talked before about the history of Guylian and their trademark sea shell shapes. So if you’re interested in exactly they’re shaped like shells, have a look at my Guylian Dark Orange review. Suffice to say, they don’t taste of fish.

The chocolate is a marbled mixture of milk and white chocolate. It’s creamy, velvety and delicious. The centres are creamy and soft with a slight nutty taste, but they don’t overpower the chocolate flavour.

Guylian Seashells

The overall effect is a rather delicious, creamy Belgian chocolate. That said, they’re still not really the kind of chocolates I would buy for myself. They’re the kind of chocolate you give as a gift, rather than eat every day. In fact, I think I’ve only ever had these at Christmas. And even then they’re usually someone else’s that I’ve… er… borrowed.

Don’t get me wrong, Guylian Seashells are delicious… but for satisfying that every day chocolate craving, I’d rather have a Dark Orange bar.


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  1. Emz!

    Hey Ilove your website! its all clued up on chocci! please could you though review the twix,boost and topic bar? hope you can

  2. I get gifts of these chocolates very often. They are nice.

  3. I’ve only ever seen these in weird stores here in the US. Stores which do not specialize in selling food, but instead sell discount things – mostly clothes and things to decorate the house. They usually have a gourmet food section, but I’m always afraid that this stuff is like 5 years old.

    on another topic, I want to be eastcoastlife, who gets gifts of chocolate. Yurmm. Nobody loves me.


  4. chocgal:)

    can u tell me the praline percentage in these?

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    chocgal: I don’t think they tell you the percentage of praline – and as I ate these a long time ago, I can’t check the box for you – sorry!

  6. chocgal:)

    oh right thanks anyways…they do on the big bar but i cant get hold of the chocolates 😀 thanks anyways! :D:D

  7. Chrissie Diggins

    I too have had these as a gift and although delicious they are far too creamy for me, being a dark choc fanatic. In fact they are so creamy that after say four or five I end up sharing them a lot with my friends and family which is almost unheard of when I have dark choccies.

  8. Tracy

    I can’t believe you said you’d prefer to eat some cheap chocolate bar instead of these exquisite sea shell creations when satisfying your sweet tooth. Just because they’re molded in a beautiful sea shell shape, does not mean it is only acceptable to buy these as a gift. I am a chocolate connoisseur, and I would much rather spend my money on these than some cheap chocolate bar.

  9. sölen

    I can agree Tracy,they are very delicious,and there appears a bar form of the same see shell mixture,I saw in their site,should be less pricey.

  10. Chris

    Guylian sea shells:
    Filled Belgian Chocolates – (Praliné 65%)
    Milk chocolate: 34% minimum
    White chocolate: 25% minimum
    Milk solids:
    Milk chocolate: 22% minimum
    White chocolate: 30% minimum

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