Guylian Dark Orange

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This one is a work of art. Underneath this unassuming wrapper lies a masterpiece carved in chocolate. Upon opening it, I wasn’t sure whether to eat it or hang it on my wall.

Actually, that’s not entirely true – I’m an experienced chocolate eater and knew exactly where to put this. But the fact remains, it’s still a marvel of chocolateering, and the rather plain foil wrapper doesn’t do justice to what’s inside.

Guylian Dark Orange is divided into four large chunks, each of which has the Guylian trademark sea shell related design embossed on it. The bar is generously filled with a tangy orange creme.

According to their web site, the sea shell motifs are based on a traditional Belgian pastry sold at the seaside in summer. Guylian introduced them because they found their existing chocolates were mainly selling in the winter months and needed something to boost summer sales.

I’ve always loved the look of Guylian chocolates. The surface is dark and glossy with the shells themselves having a white chocolate effect. The designs are intricate and almost look as though they’ve been carved out of some chocolatey marble.

The filling is deliciously tangy and orangey, and there’s lots of it. I’ve always loved soft centres, and this is just like the orange cremes in an expensive box of chocolates in a convenient bar.

Overall, this is 38g of chocolate heaven. Not that you’d know it from the wrapper.


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  1. I’m trying to get my hands on this one and was wondering if you can remember how much it costs?

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