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Guinness Dark ChocolateAs anyone who has ever flown out of Ireland will tell you, every Irish airport plays host to the Guinness ministore, home to a plethora of merchandise designed to show your allegiance to the ‘dark stuff’. I have glanced at the selection of tat on offer before – you can buy, hats, fridge magnets, postcards, clothing, keyrings and crystal souvenirs, and now chocolate.

Yes, in a somewhat bizarre move, those lovely Guinness folks have allowed the Irish Chocolate Company to manufacture a dark chocolate bar “Enhanced with the flavour of Guinness® Beer”. Naturally, I had to buy a bar just so I could share this marvellous news with you all.

A couple of things swiftly became apparent. One – no percentage of cocoa given on the packet, and Two – 0.1% Guinness beer content. Granted, the bar also contains floral hops, mixed spice and hop extract but perhaps ‘Guinness Beer’ might be another example of the world famous blarney?

Anyway, a first sniff at the bar and yes, it smells chocolatey (probably a good thing, after all, do we want chocolate that smells like a pub in the morning?). The initial taste is, if anything, a little smokey on the palate, with the more floral hop tastes coming in as the chocolate melts. There is a certain beery aftertaste to this bar but I’d be hard pressed to confirm it as being Guinness (and believe me, I know what Guinness tastes like).

I daresay that, like myself, most of the people who buy this bar will do so for the novelty value, or as an interesting alternative to the Irish Cream Truffles and other ‘local’ confectionery on offer (there are also Truffles available, a box of which were given to me for my birthday, so expect a review soon). The chocolate itself is fairly unremarkable save for the hoppy, beery flavour. Worth a try, and probably likely to be better received than a pair of Guinness socks or a toucan tiepin.


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  1. How/where can I buy this in ISA?

  2. Guinness socks? Dare I dream? What better gift than a couple of these bars in a pair of pint slippers.

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Did it say what the Guinness content of the Guinness Socks was? If it’s more than 0.1%, they’re probably just permanently damp and sticky.

  4. Amy

    When I was touring through Ireland, I stumbled upon this wonderful chocolate. It truly is decadant. I bought a case of it. It lasted over a month and then it was gone. <> I have been searching high and low for the chocolate again but have not been able to get it again. Does anyone have any suggestions???

  5. Jane

    I bought a ton of these when I was in Ireland last summer. They are SO good! I wish I would have bought more! They also had an Irish Coffee (not Guinness) bar that was out of this world.

  6. Libby

    I really need to find this chocolate!!!!!! My mum brought me back the Dark Chocolate Caramel bar and it is HEAVENLY. Words can’t describe, it is the most perfect caramel and soft guiness dark chocolate. Someone put me out of my misery and tell me where I can buy it 🙂

  7. John

    I thought these were pure genius. The hops and toasted barley malt of Guinness are a perfect compliment for dark chocolate. I was impressed. I wish I could find these in the states as they would make a perfect gift for my Guiness drinking friends.

  8. Amy

    My friend was talking about how wonderful the Guiness Dark Chocolate Bar was today at work and said she can’t find them anywhere in the U.S. I found this website that they can be ordered from. Haven’t tried it and don’t know if it’s valid , but I thought I would share. If she orders and it is a sucess I will post back to let you know.

  9. Amy

    Guinness, sorry for spelling error, just noticed as I re-read post.


    i was just wondering if there are any shops or retailers in kildare that sells guinness chocolate

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