Guido Castagna Lacri Blend 76% Madagascar

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Here we have a gift from my favourite Italian chocolate chocolatier (and presumably the only UK stockist) this bar from Guido Castagna has ‘class’ and ‘elegance’ written all over it. From the burnt orange and brown box to the carefully folded paper enshrouding the bar, you know you’re in for something a bit special before you even see the chocolate, and when the bar is finally revealed it’s a real piece of art. I’ve never seen a bar shaped this way before, and while it may make sharing a little difficult, you can’t argue that this creation simply oozes elegance.

When it comes to the taste, this Madagascan chocolate delivers an initial bittersweet acidity followed with light, slightly sweet hints of citrus and white wine. There’s even a hint of pineapple in there. The chocolate has almost no bitterness and it’s quick to melt, soft in the mouth, and maintains a mouthwatering acidity which gives it a clean, crisp finish. For a 76% chocolate it’s surprisingly light and fresh, with no ‘darkness’ or cloying, and when it’s gone your mouth is left clean, with a delicate hint of bittersweet cocoa. Fantastic with a light coffee, I could see this being one to pair with wine, but I’m afraid at time of writing I’m not in a position to do so!

Considering the Italian reputation for confectionery, their products do seem to be pretty thin on the ground here in the UK. as far as I am aware, many of the well known brands (such as Stainer) are still only available through specialist outlets, and this bar really should be more widely available.

While the Guido Castagna website has yet to list any UK stockists I believe Baruzzo chocolates has some available, as Rafaella seems to be setting herself up as something of an ambassador for Italian chocolate. Well worth tracking down.


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  1. I wonder what the real taste of it,I must try this but how?is there any here in the Philippines?

  2. I wonder what the real taste of it,I must try this but how?is there any here in the Philippines?


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