Glico Pakitz

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Glico Pakitz

As Dom bravely makes his way through a seemingly endless parade of KitKats, I find myself faced with something which might actually stretch the remit of Chocablog a little.

Glico Pakitz

Pakitz is a double pack of a strange hybrid of ice cream cone type wafer and a cocoa-flavoured substance in which are suspended tiny crispy balls. Viewed from the top, it looks like some kind of biscuit.

Glico Pakitz

But flip it over and you see the truth of the matter.

Now I don’t know about you, but this didn’t shout ‘fine chocolate treat’ at me on any level. I’m willing to bet that whatever cocoa content there is here isn’t traceable to any one source. Nor do I think we’re looking at anything over 20% here, if that. It’s cheapo, high-sugar, factory made chocolate. This is never going to win any great taste awards – it’s what children throw a few Yen into a vending machine for at lunchtime. I guess.

In fairness, it does have more chocolate flavour than I expected, but the fun part for me was having something made from the stuff they make ice cream cones out of, that wasn’t an ice cream cone! How bizarre. The tiny crispy bits were an afterthought, barely making themselves known. To be honest, after I’d tried to remove all of the crispy exterior from this product,after the first two pieces the rest was just a matter of consumption. Unremarkable, mass-produced, cheapo rubbish with only a minor novelty factor, and therefore not worth bothering with. There are a myriad of odd flavours and some much better chocolate products out there for you to be wasting your time on this.


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  1. Amy

    If I’m going for wafer I’m going for those nutter butter peanut butter wafer biscuits. I’d feel totally jipped if I got this one and found such a lack of chocolate…well, anything.

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